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Premium Courses

If you're looking for the most effective training I've got to offer, then check out my courses. These are proven, step-by-step systems that get you the results you're after in the simplest way possible - without the frustration and countless wrong turns of trying to figure it all out for yourself.

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Practice Multiplier

This short course massively increases the results you get from your practice by fixing the damaging mistakes that sabotage most musicians' progress. This is for you if you want to see more progress from the time you spend practising. Or if you're struggling to break through specific blocks.

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Memorise Music Quickly & Reliably

Short, to-the-point lessons combined with practical exercises. All based on the fundamental neuroscience of how the brain works. You’ll memorise new repertoire faster and more securely. And you’ll perform from memory with total confidence.

If you don't put yourself in performance situations often enough, then don't be surprised when your performances aren't up to the level of your practice

Unlock Your Performance

Discover how to get much more out of the skills you already have by developing your inner game. And improve your enjoyment of music at the same time. Whether it's inconsistency, nerves, or self-criticism holding you back, this course will help.

Effortless Habits for Musicians

Discover how to use habits to improve all areas of your music. You’ll make faster progress than ever before – while feeling like everything is easier and more fun.

Small steps get you to your goal eventually

True Musical Potential Roadmap

Most musicians overlook a few key areas of learning music. This holds them back from achieving the levels they're capable of. When you get clarity on what really matters then you'll hit your goals quickly and easily. If you're new to Play In The Zone, then this short course is often a great place to start.

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Private Coaching

If none of the courses above fit your specific needs, then you can also book one-to-one private coaching sessions with Mark.

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