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It was a clear autumn morning, twenty years ago, when two young boys sat down at the piano for their first ever lesson.

Their situations were almost identical. Both bubbled with enthusiasm to play music for the first time. Both had parents who were supportive and encouraging.

And they both practiced hard. Excited by dreams of the beautiful music they would make as they got better and better.

They both kept that dedication to music over the years. And today, they’re still alike in many ways.

But there’s a difference…

One gets asked to play wherever he goes. And when he starts playing, the room just lights up. Everyone stops talking to focus their attention on the beautiful music he produces.

The other actively hopes that no-one will ask him "Do you play?". Because it only takes a few notes before people start looking for an excuse to leave the room.

What Made The Difference?

The obvious conclusion is that one musician is more talented than the other. Or that he worked harder.

But that’s not it at all.

Ultimately, it simply came down to clarity about where they were heading.

The first musician had a roadmap for his journey. While the second was essentially directionless.

And that’s exactly why I’m writing this – to help give you clarity. Because it can make a similarly big difference for you. Or for any musician…

When you’ve got the best route mapped out then all you have to do is follow the path. You’ll hit your goals quickly and easily.

But you need to follow a specific type of roadmap that I’ll explain in just a minute.


Without a clear set of directions you’ll spend your time going round in circles. Or running into dead end after dead end.

The same amount of effort leads to completely different levels of achievement.

All sorts of things are possible when you have the perfect map to follow. Imagine if…

  • Your practice sessions are so effective that other musicians regularly comment on your progress
  • Playing feels effortless. Music just flows out freely the way you imagine it in your head – unrestricted by technical barriers
  • You feel relaxed and confident that you're getting full value for all the effort you put in
  • You consistently play your best when it counts. You feel proud of your performances – and enjoy them fully too
  • Every single day moves you another step closer to achieving your true musical potential
  • You’re a more competent, more confident musician

If that seems a long way from how things are right now, then I can understand that you might be sceptical.

So many musicians get stuck or move forward slowly and assume that’s inevitable.

But just a few key insights could totally change that… the trouble is that most people don’t know what they are.

You’d be capable of so much more if you just put two or three extra skills in place. Or if you could remove one single disastrous blockage.

Barbed wire

Once you’re aware of these, it's quick and easy to make the changes that get big results.

The lucky few who do these things naturally (or stumble on them unknowingly) get called talented. The rest assume they "haven't got it".

Below, I'm going to explain precisely how I and many of my students have uncovered hidden potential for vastly accelerated progress in our music. Including breaking through blocks that had held us back for months or even years.

You don't need to work harder. Or discover previously hidden talents.

And this didn’t take months or years of study and experimentation. It required less than half an hour a day for 7 days.

But first, I need to tell you a quick story...

Focus On The Things That Matter

I never thought my PhD in Theoretical Physics would show me how to teach other people about music...

But at its core, music is just physics applied to sound. And – looking back – I think that degree is one of the reasons I've been able to accelerate as quickly as I did… and teach others to do the same.

One of my biggest strengths has always been identifying the things that REALLY make a difference.

And then making sure that I focus relentlessly on those key factors.

But, for many years, I hadn’t deliberately applied this to playing and teaching music.

Which is kind of embarrassing…

Because, before music became my main focus, understanding the key factors was how I made my living for decades.

First, with my PhD. And after that…

Heck - it was pretty much my *job* description for 12 years...

I was head of a whole analytical profession for a large UK government department (playing lots of music on the side, of course).

I was trusted to help senior politicians spend billions of pounds of public money effectively (Yes… some of the money has actually been spent well! ????). And to deliver the real-world results they’d staked their careers on when they campaigned for election.

My special skill was to look at all the activities that were going on and analyse which ones really mattered...

And which ones were ineffective distractions.

Plus, I'd take a leap further and identify the things that were missing. Often, the biggest improvements came from adding one tiny but vital activity.

A lot of the way I did this was through applying Systems Thinking. In other words, I looked at the big picture as a whole rather than breaking everything down into independent parts.

Eventually, I realised that these ideas were just as effective when I applied them to music.

Because looking at systems holistically like this allows you to find small and simple things that have huge impacts on your playing.

And I’ve found a way to package all my insights into a simple roadmap that any musician can follow to massively accelerate their progress.

Picture of Mark Morley-Fletcher, creator of Play In The Zone

In case you don’t know me already, I’m Mark Morley-Fletcher – a jazz guitarist and educator. I'll show you the roadmap in just a minute.

But first, I want to share with you a couple of big ideas that hold the secret to reaching your true potential as a musician.

Effort And “Talent” Aren’t The Limiting Factors

It's easy to believe that you're limited by one of two things...

Either by the amount of time, blood, sweat and tears you're willing to put into improving your music.

Or by talent. Whether you were lucky enough to be born with what it takes - or you missed out in the genetic lottery instead.

And both of those things can be limiting factors - in SPECIAL circumstances...

But the truth is that most musicians never get close to the point where those are the factors holding them back.

There's a whole range of skills that you need to develop or draw on to get the most out of your journey in music. But most musicians only think about a very narrow range of these.

They simply don't realise how many other areas sit outside what you'd normally consider "music skills" but which are equally important for their progress.

Things like:

  • Your choice of goals
  • How you practice
  • The people you surround yourself with
  • Your mindset and beliefs

All of these and more have a huge impact...

A lot of them go under the radar because they're *meta* skills.

They're not the direct musical results that you want. Rather, they're skills that allow you to learn music at a vastly accelerated rate.

A few people will already have them dialled in perfectly through luck (or some sort of instinct).

But most of us are a LONG way from optimal in these hugely important areas.

That can seem like a bad thing. But it's actually good news...

If you're nowhere near your limit, then you can typically make big strides forward really fast. And with relatively little effort.

So there are big wins for the taking in these individual areas.

And, more than this, some of these areas act as a brake on your music as a whole if they're not dialled in.

Once you do the work to improve them, you open up the possibility of faster and easier improvement in other areas where perhaps your progress had stalled.

You might be thinking:

"That all sounds great in theory... But how does it help me in practice?"

Because different musicians will have different blind spots.

And different things matter to musicians with different goals, in different circumstances, and at different stages on their journey.

Well, I used my experience with analysing complete systems to bring the various key areas together and turn them into a simple roadmap. Any musician can follow it to identify the priorities that really matter to them as an individual.

Introducing the True Musical Potential Roadmap

As you progress in your playing, the horizon may not seem to get any closer

I uncovered a wealth of insights when I applied my analytical expertise to my years of teaching and playing music. I've condensed those insights into a 1-week course called "True Musical Potential Roadmap".

It applies to any instrument (including singers) and any style of music. Musicians at all levels – from occasional amateurs through to teachers and full-time pro performers – have all gone through the course and got outstanding results.

This is not comprehensive training on every detail of the skills you need to be the best musician you can be.

Instead, it takes you through the most important areas that every musician needs to have in place to maximise their progress.

These are things that any musician can do. But most simply don't do some, or even all of them.

After just a few short lessons you’ll immediately be able to identify the few key areas that have a disproportionately large impact on your progress…

So that you no longer waste your time pouring huge amounts of effort into other areas that won’t make a significant difference.

Here's the deal:

The course doesn’t teach you MUSIC directly. It helps you uncover and develop the skills and states that allow you to learn music much faster...

Check out what these musicians have to say about the True Musical Potential Roadmap:

Photo of John Towell - cellist and True Musical Potential Roadmap student

"I had so many insights [...] I highly recommend this course to all musicians"

"I was struggling to maintain my practice, and especially my regular improvement. Every lesson of this course was practically written for me! I had so many insights, from why I was playing the cello in the first place, to why I always played really badly in lessons and in the concerts.

Mark Morley-Fletcher is both a psychologist and a musician, and his take on research, his explanations, and even his stories, were of tremendous value to me. Thank you so much, Mark. I can highly recommend this course to all musicians, whatever they play (or sing)."

- John Towell (cellist - UK)

Photo of Elaine Bailey - Practice Multiplier student

"Suddenly everything made sense [...] This is a brilliant course"

"The course enabled me to articulate my ultimate goal in music and suddenly everything seemed to make sense. Further work on the course enabled me to put a practical framework around this and, after a bit of a low-energy lull, I am fired up and ready to dive in once more - only this time with a much better plan. This is a brilliant course to learn how to make your musical experience the best it can be."

- Elaine Bailey (flute-player - UK)

Photo of Steve Mallis - guitarist and True Musical Potential Roadmap student

"I enjoyed the daily lessons - short but packed with info and strategies"

"I really loved this course. I enjoyed the daily email lessons. They were relatively short but packed with lots of info and strategies. I use these strategies in my everyday practice and my current video performances. It really helped me to realize what I do want to achieve and gave me the right mindset to get there."

- Steve Mallis (guitarist - USA)

Could You Work All This Out On Your Own?

Maybe. It's possible but I doubt it...

You could spend years investigating the multiple different factors that contribute to musical progress, study which ones really matter and how they interact with each other… then distil what you've learned into a simple roadmap that any musician can follow to take their playing to the next level.

OR you can take this course and learn all of this in just 7 days, while I hold your hand through the process and reveal the key areas you need to be aware of.

By the end of the course you'll have clarity about what is currently holding you back. And how you can address this to open up exciting new opportunities for progress.

Perhaps more importantly, you'll have rekindled belief in your potential as a musician.

Here's just a small taste of what you'll learn inside the course:

Phase #1: Strategy (Days 1-3)

  • Why the key principles that REALLY affect your progress can be counterintuitive (and how understanding this gives you an unfair advantage over other musicians)
  • The 2 worryingly common thought patterns that stop musicians from getting the help that could rapidly accelerate their progress and smooth obstacles from their path
  • Why your “team” plays a vital part in your musical progress (and how any musician can build an effective one by carrying out a “team audit”)
  • The 2 simple questions to ask yourself which will reveal whether you’re working on the right topics or not
  • Why the “80/20 rule” for music is unique to each individual musician. And how to find your own version for maximum progress
  • 3 simple techniques to increase your motivation to practice (leading to faster, easier improvement)
  • Why having an “ultimate goal” helps everything else you’re working on as a musician fall into place (and how to find yours)
  • The 2 reasons why most musicians ignore many of the topics that are actually MOST important for their progress
  • Why “thinking like a gardener” holds the key to enjoyable practice that delivers better results in the long-term

Phase #2: The Physical Side (Days 4-5)

  • The 2 key elements of effective practice that allow you to achieve more in less time
  • Why your technique is often not the REAL problem when you struggle to play something (and what is instead)
  • Why practice can actually increase the chance that you’ll make mistakes (and the simple fix to prevent this)
  • The element of music that’s frequently overlooked, but which makes everything sound much better (working on this is often the easiest way to take your playing up a level)
  • Why progress within a practice session doesn’t mean that you’re improving over the long-term (and an alternative target to aim at for results that stick)
  • Why playing a musical instrument is NOT your real aim as a musician (and what should be instead)
  • How one student got incredible results from just 1 minute’s practice a day

Phase #3: The Inner Game (Days 6-7)

  • The single mindset that has the biggest impact on whether you play well in performance (and how to train it)
  • A simple 2-step recipe for building your self-belief (deliberately working on this gives you an almost unfair advantage over other musicians)
  • The 3 mental skills that you can use in the moment to boost your playing and your enjoyment (they ALL improve with practice. But most musicians don’t work on them)
  • The attitude that gets you through tough times (research shows that this is a much better predictor of achievement than “talent”)
  • How your emotions affect your playing (and what you can do to turn this to your advantage – it holds most musicians back)
  • The 3 mindsets that musicians need to achieve progress and enjoyment (and the different aspects of music that each one contributes to)
  • Why “talented” musicians may make fast progress to begin with but then get stuck (and what allows greater achievement in the long-term)

Here's How It Works When You Start The True Musical Potential Roadmap Today:

The course is delivered to you via email. I do this because it helps you learn.

There’s no hassle with remembering passwords or logging into a fancy members area. I’ve found that if I just email you the content directly in bite-sized chunks then you’re more likely to succeed.

So here’s what you’ll get:

  • Daily bite-sized lessons delivered straight to your inbox for 7 days. Each lesson shows you one key area that has a disproportionately large impact on your musical progress.
  • Simple but powerful daily exercises that you complete to assess exactly how you’re placed on each day’s topic. Each exercise will only take you a few minutes.
  • A wrap-up lesson to help you turn the insights from the course into concrete next steps. You’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts to accelerate your progress and break through existing barriers.

This is the only course I know of that gives you the complete view of everything you need to succeed as a musician.

The material inside the roadmap has the ability to transform your music for ever. It can accelerate your results for years or even decades to come because you won't waste time doing the things that don't work...

Instead, you'll focus relentlessly on the few key areas that make all the difference.

So I reckon $100 would be more than a fair price.

But I believe this is knowledge that every musician deserves to have. So I want to make it available to as many people as possible.

So I’m giving you the roadmap for just $30.

That’s less than the cost of a single music lesson in order to get the insights that could transform your progress as a musician.

All you have to do is hit the "Join now" button below to get all of this right now.

For one week and $30, what do you have to lose?

Photo of Kathy Spencer - True Musical Potential Roadmap student

"Opened my eyes to key gaps in my current approach - a great course"

"Mark's True Musical Potential Roadmap course opened my eyes to various key gaps in my current approach towards pursuing improved musicianship. This is a great course to help musicians strategically identify important aspects affecting their potential growth and realization of goals."

- Kathy Spencer (pianist - Canada)

Photo of Martin Corcoran - True Musical Potential Roadmap student

"This is a wonderful course"

"Music is far too vast a subject to not bring your attention to the direction you are going and how you are going about the tasks that you need to do to progress as efficiently as you can. This is a wonderful course that gets you to do just that."

- Martin Corcoran (saxophonist - Ireland)

Photo of Fleur Prinsen - pianist and True Musical Potential Roadmap student

"I don't know how it's possible... but something is changing"

"I took this course because I finally want to get rid of my negative self-image as far as my piano playing is concerned. I don't know how it's possible and I don't believe in a quick fix, but something is essentially changing.

This course gave me a huge amount: text, videos with useful tips, insight. All this is helpful on my way to more enjoyment playing music."

- Fleur Prinsen (pianist - Netherlands)

Join now – completely risk free

I’ve spent the last few years creating high quality and effective training designed to completely transform the playing of musicians like you.

Over 1000 musicians have trusted me in joining my paid courses. And I’m so committed to getting you results that if for any reason you don’t feel that True Musical Potential Roadmap gave you huge amounts of clarity and value just email me at [email protected] within 30 days and ask for your money back.

I’ll give it to you with no questions asked.

30-Day Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m offering this guarantee because I’ve seen the impact that following the Roadmap has had on hundreds of musicians just like you. I know it works.

I don’t want you to have to wonder whether to invest in yourself. So I’m making it a complete no-brainer for you to try this out.

Signature of Mark Morley-Fletcher - creator of Play In The Zone and Unlock Your Performance

So start the True Musical Potential Roadmap today and go through the entire course risk free.

You'll receive an email immediately with the practical details of the course.

The daily lessons themselves will begin the following day.

Start the True Musical Potential Roadmap

If you're ready to accelerate your progress and discover how much you’re capable of, then click the button below to get started.

One time payment


One-time payment. No rebills.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer to your question here? Then contact me.

Do you have any more testimonials?

Sure - see below...

What's included in the course?

This is a 7-day course. You'll get emails every day for 7 days when you start the roadmap.

These daily emails will be the bulk of the learning in the course. Each one sets out the key principles of the lesson and gives you specific actions to take.

There's also an extra wrap up lesson that shows you how to take the insights you've gained and turn them into a plan of action that will get you making much faster progress.

The big idea is that, by the end of the 7 days, you’ll have clarity about where you need to focus to make the most progress. And you'll know HOW you need to work on those areas.

How much time does each lesson take?

Each lesson only takes a few minutes to read through.

Some lessons have accompanying bonus videos. These are typically only around 10 minutes long.

Every lesson also comes with specific questions for you to reflect on. You can typically answer these in 5 minutes or less.

So none of the lessons will take you more than 20 minutes. And you'll be able to complete many of them in 10 minutes or less.

What if I can't complete a lesson every day? Can I take the course at my own pace?


The lessons in the roadmap will massively improve your music whether you do them as soon as they arrive... or later.

All the course materials are yours to keep for life. There's nothing to stop you saving them and going through the roadmap whenever it suits you in the future.

But I do encourage you to follow along in real-time if possible. I’ve noticed that the people who make the commitment to complete each lesson before the next one arrives consistently achieve outstanding results.

How do I access the course after signing up?

After you sign up, you’ll get an email straight away welcoming you to the course.

The lessons themselves start on the following day and run for 7 days. These are also delivered by email and contain links to related resources as well as instructions in the email itself.

Is there a guarantee?

Of course.

If you feel like you’re not getting any results in terms of clarity, motivation, progress and enjoyment…

Just send my support team an email and we’ll issue a refund right away.

I'm a pretty good musician already. Will this still help?

It’s highly likely.

Everyone I’ve met has blind spots. And it’s really easy to slip into bad habits without realising it.

I think a comment I got from Lucinda sums it up pretty well:

“In a nutshell, this course gives you several responses to very important practical matters you face as a musician. Some of them I had never thought about (but they made perfect sense!). Others I had pondered for a long time, but was missing the right direction.”

Is the course suitable for me if I'm not an advanced musician?

The roadmap gives you the most important fundamental principles that determine how quickly you improve as a musician. And whether you hit a "ceiling" and get stuck. And it shows you how to apply them to your own situation.

You can apply these concepts to any material you’re working on at any level.

(If you are literally just starting out and still learning to get a sound out of your instrument then maybe not ideal. But anything after that should be fine if you are serious about improving the quality of your music).

You’re based in the UK – so why is the price in US dollars?

There are students joining the course from countries all around the world. The US dollar is the currency that’s most familiar globally and so that’s what I use.

Testimonials from past students:

Photo of Hilda Henderson - pianist and Unlock Your Performance student

"You will definitely find yourself improving steadily"

"True Musical Potential Roadmap is a concise course that encapsulates many of the problems associated with striving to overcome barriers that cause frustration and lack of progress.

By unbiasedly answering and examining the questions and by implementing the relevant suggestions, you will definitely find yourself improving steadily. I am now enjoying my musical journey, getting results and gaining confidence."

- Purly Henderson (pianist - Australia)

Photo of Adrian Wales - Practice Multiplier student

"This course has provided me with wonderful concepts that I can use, both in music and in my life"

"I signed up to this course because I have been so impressed by the work Mark does to demonstrate that musical expertise is not as a result of where you were born, how naturally talented you are or how much training you've had. Rather, mindset is the single biggest factor in how quickly you will progress.

This is a relatively new concept to me so doing this course has provided me with some wonderful concepts that I can use, both in music and in my life and work. Thank you Mark!"

- Adrian Wales (pianist - UK)

"A unique and insightful method. I feel I am beginning again"

"The course has been great at identifying basic but essential factors, and Mark is a wonderful and inspiring teacher with a very unique and insightful method. I feel I am beginning again and a new attitude towards my playing that previously had been missing, overall happy and excited again on the wonderful journey of discovery that is the gift of music. Highly recommend, thanks Mark."

- Brendan McSherry (Ireland)

Photo of Larry Williams - saxophonist and Unlock Your Performance student

"opened my mind to another whole world of potential"

"There is an adage: 'you don't know what you don't know'. This is certainly the place I was when it comes to the knowledge set forth in the TMPR course. The information and exercises opened my mind to another whole world of potential when it comes to being a valuable, well-rounded musician. The TMPR course broadened my perspective and opened new horizons for my musical endeavours. I recommended this course to all my musician friends. I tell them, 'it couldn't hurt' (an under-statement!)"

- Larry Williams (saxophonist)

Photo of Jason Wende - TMPR student

"gave me a breadth of different insights and approaches"

"This course was fantastic. It gave me a breadth of different insights and approaches to apply to my music and anything else for that matter. I would highly recommend this if you are serious about your musical development."

- Jason Wende

"I felt like I was drowning... TMPR gave me the direction I needed"

"I felt like I was drowning in a musical soup of experiences, courses, instruments, and struggling to get on top of it all. The TMPR course gave me the direction I needed to decide on a specific what to commit to, find the 20% of that to get right and then not give up.... or get distracted. There will be more courses on offer online but this one gives you all you need well into the future."

- Mo Corb

Photo of Sandra Onions - saxophonist and Practice Multiplier student

"This course is invaluable"

"I had already changed up my practice routine after being on another course produced by Mark. The True Musical Potential Roadmap helped me check in with myself to make sure that I wasn’t lacking in any area, and where I was, I changed it. As a result of the changes I’ve made I am much clearer on my practice process. This course is invaluable."

- Sandra Onions (saxophonist - UK)

"zeroes in on the underlying source of musicality"

"I am bombarded with ads to buy this course or that, all claiming to be the best, the most, the greatest, but not focused on my particular interests. This one does: Mark Morley-Fletcher is keen on zeroing in on the underlying source of musicality - the mental, attitudes, frames of reference - and speaking to them, unpacking them, and suggesting new routes. He is clear in his explanations, well-spoken, direct and engaging. It was a pleasure going through his course, and propelled me to study more."

- Yael Eylat-Tanaka

Photo of Vivien Chasey - TMPR student

"a wealth of information and ideas in a very clear form"

"This is such a valuable course, presenting a wealth of information and ideas in a very clear form. I loved having actionable points to consider each day for a week. Many thanks, Mark - I can highly recommend this to others."

- Viv Chasey

Photo of Christoph Ploner - guitarist and Practice Multiplier student

"Will keep you thinking creatively for a long time. Highly recommended!"

"Mark's course is quite unusual - perhaps even for those who have listened to his YouTube Videos. He dives deep into the relationship between musical goals, mental and social skills and aspects of lifestyle.

If you take his lessons seriously, they will keep you thinking creatively about your musicianship for a long time. Highly recommended!"

- Christoph Ploner (guitarist - Germany)

"Expect to be surprised and challenged"

"TMPR will give you an immediate springboard in your music practice. Mark's insight is cutting edge, digging below the surface to rebuild the forgotten foundations that underpin a musician's performance. His experience in sports psychology, science, analytics and music provides one of the most refreshing perspectives that will resonate with the student.

Expect to be surprised and challenged, but the rediscovery of the basics will provide numerous "ah ha" moments.

If you are prepared to do the work, Mark gives you the foundation to build your dreams, and in fact, go beyond what you thought was possible.

My advice to any musician is, don't hesitate, sign up with Mark Morley Fletcher!"

- John

Photo of Loreto Perez - TMPR student

"I am more determined, focused and positive. I can feel my sound has changed"

"I broke up with piano 30 years ago because studies at the music conservatory were really hard for me, I was unsure and always scared of mistakes. I thought I wasn't good enough. Two years ago, I decide to restart my practice, and I have met two wonderful teachers. But Mark Morley-Fletcher's approach has helped me a lot in such different ways!! I am more determined for the practice time, focused and positive. I can feel my sound has changed during this week! I feel more confident playing and this week I have worked hard but enjoying each minute of practice. I believe now in this potential. Thank you!!! This course has really changed my piano practice. And for a tiny price, you get a lot more than expected. I will keep all the contents to read everything again from time to time, and the videos are fantastic as well! Thank you Mark Morley-Fletcher, you are a great teacher!"

- Loreto Pérez (pianist)

Photo of Keith Orrell - TMPR student

"made me realise how much more I could do to improve my practicing, attitudes and mental game"

"This is a superb course even for an 'old pro' like me. It reinforced what I already thought I knew but more importantly made me realise how much more I could do to improve my practicing, but also my attitudes and general mental game. Even my lifestyle needs evaluating now! Much to contemplate and to put into action. I'm fired up! Thank you Mark ."

- Keith Orrell

"Mark gives steps that will take time and effort, but yield long term results"

"The True Musical Potential Roadmap course has given me insight that is changing the way I approach my music. I have been playing the violin as an amateur for 50 years and have been on the same plateau the last 35. This course gave me many actionable steps that I've put into place already. My playing and confidence are so much better than a year ago. I am excited to see what this next year will show after taking these steps. This is not a '30 pounds in 30 days' course. Mark gives steps that will take time and effort, but yield long term results."

- Heidi Herr

Photo of Jacqueline Regan - True Musical Potential Roadmap student

"Seize the opportunity to do one of Mark’s courses & see where it takes you"

"I had completed Mark’s Practice Multiplier Course & was very happy with the progress I was making so I seized the opportunity to go further with the TMPR Course. It has given me a big boost of confidence. With Mark’s clear instructions & my answers to searching questions I have a flexible & clear plan to move forwards in a unique way.

Seize the opportunity to do one of Mark’s courses & see where it takes you."

- Jacqueline Regan (UK)

"forced me to accept and confront my weak points"

"This best thing about this course for me was answering the questions posed in each lesson honestly. This forced me to really accept and confront the areas of my playing that are my weak points and chart a plan to address those points with an open mind and consistency. Even though it has only been a week since initiating that plan, I've already made great progress in addressing these couple of areas. I'm very pleased about this and will continue to work on these. I know that the long term payoff will be worth the effort."

- Jeffrey C

Photo of Christian Kattenstroth - TMPR student

"playing my sax in a much more consistent and enriched way"

"Mark's course fit in perfectly to move my approach to playing my sax in a much more consistent and enriched way, both at home and on stage. Thank You Mark for a great general uplift!"

- Christian Kattenstroth (saxophonist)

"already in just a week the effort is paying off"

"The course helped me see clearly what I was struggling with and why, (low self-esteem, the wrong people around me, inconsistent practice habits, a lack of appreciation of why I was doing music and a lack of clear goals to aim for) and gave me the tools to help me enjoy my music more and start believing in myself as a musician. I needed to look long and hard at myself and the habits I've developed over the years and unpicking some of that is going to take time and effort, but already in just a week the effort is paying off."

- B Donald

Photo of Jane Seaton - TMPR student

"Every lesson was valuable and relevant to me"

"Prior to doing the course I felt I was practising the trumpet but my playing was not improving. My only achievement seemed to be maintaining the level (just about!) of where I'd been for the last two years. I spent a lot of time worrying and feeling stressed about something I wanted to be an enjoyable hobby.

From the first lesson of the TMPR course I felt there was a possibility I could get what I wanted from playing music. Every lesson was valuable and relevant to me. The information and instruction provided has given me a clear way forward that seems realistic and manageable. Although it wasn't addressing the technical aspects of music theory or how to play an instrument, I think it is enabling me to improve these things and more importantly to enjoy playing.

The course was well structured, organised and easy to follow. I think the quality and amount of information in the content of the course was extremely good and beneficial to all musicians."

- Jane Seaton (trumpeter)

"I'm already seeing results in performances"

"This short course has revolutionised the way I practiced and I'm already seeing results in my improvisation skills and performances"

- Azhaar S

Photo of Omar Zanette - TMPR student

"there's no end to the musical journey"

"I am a professional pianist and teacher, but there's no end to the musical journey. Mark, in this very interesting course, reminded me of this fact. There are so many aspects where I still have so much to learn, that I cannot say right now how it will change my way of studying, teaching or playing. I only realize that I will have a lot of homework to do in the future."

- Omar Zanette (pianist)

Photo of Tracy Warnock - TMPR student

"what a great course!! .... it has transformed what I do"

"Once again, what a great course!!.... Having already taken the Practice Multiplier course, this one is just as excellent. I highly recommend these to anyone looking to up their game . It really puts things into perspective in the practice room. My practice sessions are certainly looking up .

Although a highly devoted musician, it has transformed what I do. Thank you so very much again Mark !!!...."

- Tracy Warnock

"This course is not for everyone."

"This course is not for everyone. It is for the introspective musician with a growth mindset. Personally it prompted me to take an honest look at my own practice and carefully guided my attention through a succinct analysis of how to make the most of the time I allocate for improving experience as a musician and an individual."

- Anthony Morrison

Photo of Jacky Garratt - TMPR student

"packed with useful tips, any one of which is worth the whole cost"

"I'd never heard about audiating before: so useful and effective. Didn't know about 80/20 either: very helpful concept. Great value. I have bought courses before, but wasted my money because I didn't complete them. This is short, and manageable. It's packed with useful tips, any one of which is worth the whole cost of the course. Heartily recommend."

- Jacky Garratt (guitarist)

Photo of Bob Beer - TMPR student

"ideas to dramatically improve your practice and performance"

"If you are searching for ideas to dramatically improve your practice and performance, definitely consider the TMPR course. During the seven day course, Mark will challenge you to formulate specific actions for each daily lesson topic. Each lesson includes an extra credit reading, audio, or video that elaborates on the daily topic. If that is not enough, the day 8 and 9 bonus topics wrap up and provide the big picture context. Don't struggle on your musical journey, use the True Musical Potential Roadmap."

- Bob Beer

"I will be coming back to these insights for years to come!"

"This helped me get clarity and I will be coming back to these insights for years to come!"

- Eelco (guitarist - Netherlands)

Photo of Kate Purcell - TMPR student

"This bite-sized course really nailed it for me."

"This bite-sized course of seven daily lessons really nailed it for me. It made me focus on what I truly need to do to be the best I can possibly be. I'm excited about my action plan and am confident that I will achieve more, faster! Key themes for me were the importance of mindset and of planning and reflection. Simply reflecting has helped me identify one of the biggest things holding me back from realising my potential. This is a course everyone should consider taking."

- Kate Purcell

Photo of Robert Julyan - TMPR student

"more than worth the modest amount it cost"

"This course was more than worth the modest amount it cost. It confirmed my suspicion that the mind is the key to learning instrument. I save all the lessons and plan to go back to them."

- Bob Julyan

"I've drastically cut down my practice but it's more focused and effective"

"Mark's TMPR course has made me look at my music-making in a completely new way. I've drastically cut down my practice time but it's becoming much more focused and effective, after less than two weeks of following the course. I'm also finding that my old excuses for making little progress are invalid: insufficient talent and insufficient hard work are not truly what limit progress - a clear, focused, approach and a positive mental attitude contribute much more to progress than effort and natural ability.

I believe the many insights provided by this TMPR course will last me the rest of my playing life."

- Geoff B-H (singer and tuba player)

"It's difficult to find such great value"

"I'm big fan of Mark's work, he is genuinely interested in your progress as a musician. This course consists of bite size actions toward the right direction. It's difficult to find such a great value for what the course cost."

- JR Sierra

Photo of Mark Leitch - Practice Multiplier student

"The course uncovered things in other parts of my life and helped me see where I apply them to music"

"The course uncovered things that I do in other parts of my life and helped me see where I apply them to making music. By seeing that I had succeeded in these areas, it became clear that I needed to take specific actions to ensure that I applied them to my music"

- Mark Leitch (pianist - UK)

Photo of Jan van de Weel - True Musical Potential Roadmap student

"The entire course serves me as a checklist"

"For me Mark's TMPR Course mostly works as a form of confirmation; He helps me solidify my inklings and hunches, as I get a lot of help from fields that seem far removed from music. Truths do not conflict. Also the entire Course serves me as a checklist."

- Jan van der Weel (Netherlands)

Photo of Sante Zanco - Practice Multiplier student

"Mark’s courses are ALL very interesting and helpful"

"Mark’s courses are ALL very interesting and helpful. If you want to improve your skills and/or develop then just join the True Musical Potential Roadmap"

- Sante Zanco (pianist - Italy)

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