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  • How to make a huge leap forward with your music (without working on technique at all)

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Photo of Brent Vaartstra from Learn Jazz Standards

Mark is an incredible educator

Mark is an incredible educator, and combining his background in analytics and his interest in performance psychology, delivers some incredible tips and tricks for your progress.

BRENT VAARTSTRA  //  Creator of LearnJazzStandards.com

Work less. Improve faster.

If you don't put yourself in performance situations often enough, then don't be surprised when your performances aren't up to the level of your practice

In music, as in all areas of life, there are a few things that REALLY matter. Much more than the others…

One of these is how effective your practice time is.

There are no magic shortcuts. But things are so much easier when you work smart – not hard.

But most musicians don’t spend any time on this.

Investing a bit of time improving the quality of your practice seems like slowing down to start with. But once it’s done you improve much faster and reach greater heights. All while spending less time practising

It’s my mission to help musicians reach levels they didn’t know they were capable of. And that starts with paying more attention to how you practice.

Photo of Anne Palonen - Practice Multiplier student

I love the advice and practical attitude in Mark's lessons. These lessons gave me a new attitude, peace and much help to my practicing. I did not think that miracles happen in two weeks, but I still got much more than I expected. Perhaps that is a little miracle. Thank you, Mark!

Anne Palonen - Bassoonist - Finland

Photo of Charles Benoit - saxophonist and Practice Multiplier student

Again and again, I found myself saying, "Of course! It's so obvious!" but obviously it wasn't. And that's usually a sign that you've just learned something fundamental, valuable and true. I've been so inspired that I've asked every member of my band to sign up as well.

Charles Benoit - Saxophonist - USA

Play your best every time. Without nerves.

Picture of a microphone in a pressure performance situation

I hate seeing musicians get up on stage and… play well below the level they’re capable of.

Not to mention watching them suffering from stomach-churning nerves as they do so.

It hurts particularly badly because that’s exactly how I used to be myself.

So when I discovered that you can train systematically to improve in these areas, I was determined to spread the word to musicians everywhere.

There IS a solution that allows you to perform consistently at your best. And it’s available to anyone who’s willing to put in a small amount of work.

Photo of Chris Bestwick - guitarist and Unlock Your Performance student

The most important thing for me has been having these little things you do actually in the moment of playing - they're bite-size and very understandable and easy to do once you practice them.

I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't find it useful.

Chris Bestwick - Guitarist - UK

Picture of Bryony Rickard - singer, saxophonist and Unlock Your Performance student

I'm much more confident on stage and I know how to deal with my nerves. Even better than that, I can now pull out far better performances under pressure than I would in my practice room. Performance has gone from being something scary to something exciting!

Bryony Rickard - Singer-saxophonist - UK

Teaching that gets real results

Jazz band gig

Today, you have access to more information on how to improve as a musician than ever before. Lots of it high-quality.

But good information isn’t enough. What matters is that you get great results. And in the shortest time possible.

I put a lot of care into what I teach. And *how* I teach it.

I focus on teaching the few key things that make the biggest differences.

I keep lessons as short as possible. I focus on giving you practical actions to take. And making sure you actually take them.

And I design all my courses carefully so that the lessons fit together, and each action step builds on the last one.

All this means that people get great results from my teaching in as little time as possible.

Mark Morley-Fletcher – creator of Play In The Zone

Picture of Mark Morley-Fletcher, creator of Play In The Zone

Hi, I’m Mark Morley-Fletcher – a jazz guitarist and educator. I focus on training the frequently overlooked skills and mindsets that have a massive impact on how quickly you improve as a musician and how well you play in performance.

I pay special attention to how musicians can use ideas from peak performers in sport and other fields to perform more consistently and enjoyably. And I’ve helped over a thousand musicians at all levels and across all instruments reach new heights through my courses on Performance Psychology and Effective Practice.

I draw on my years of practising, performing and teaching music. But also on my PhD in Theoretical Physics and my previous experience as a senior analyst for the UK government where I specialised in looking at the big picture and identifying what really mattered. This allowed me to find small and simple things that had huge impacts.

When I’m not helping musicians tackle nerves and play to their full potential, you’ll probably find me on the tennis court honing my ability to raise my game under pressure, or out exploring the beautiful Scottish countryside.

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