​​The Missing Ingredient for Outstanding, Anxiety-Free Performances

Do you remember the first time you picked up an instrument?

How much fun it was?

You didn’t pay any attention to the idea that music is supposed to be “difficult”. Or serious. And you didn’t care what anyone else thought. You just enjoyed exploring the sounds you could make. No matter what they were they all seemed new and vibrant.

Now imagine that you could recapture those feelings again. But this time combined with all the technique and skill that you’ve learned since then.

No performance anxiety making you feel terrible beforehand. No churning, sick feeling in your stomach, or your arms and hands shaking.

No frustration of playing well below the level you know you’re capable of. You deliver a great performance every time.

No voice in your head obsessing about small details and criticising every minor flaw.

​Just love of the music and effortless beautiful playing.

​​What I Do

Picture of Mark Morley-Fletcher, creator of Play In The Zone

I’m Mark Morley-Fletcher and I’m frustrated by the way that almost all the music lessons out there are about what to play and the physical technique of playing it.

I believe that how you feel and what goes on in your mind when you play is equally important. It determines so much about how well you play and how much you enjoy it.

If you don’t get your mind in the right place then you achieve so much less than you’re capable of. Your hours of hard work in the practice room go to waste.

Sharing wonderful music with others should be a joy. Something you look forward to. Instead, that performance experience is ruined for many musicians. Performance becomes something you dread and try to avoid.

I’m sick of seeing musicians banging their heads against a brick wall continuing to work hard in areas which aren’t going to make the difference they’re looking for. Or, worse still, thinking that they just don’t have what it takes and resigning themselves to mediocrity or giving up playing altogether.

There ARE things you can do to improve your experience of performance. Things that will help you perform to your potential. And they don’t necessarily have to be hard, or take up a lot of your time.

I’m dedicated to helping you:

  • Understand why it’s so important to work on the mental game
  • Identify the specific aspects you need to work on and give you the tools to do this
  • Actually do the work (through providing support and community)

 PlayInTheZone.com is my way to do this. It allows me to give you access to all sorts of information to help transform your playing.

So Who Am I?

​I’m a jazz guitarist and educator who's been performing in all sorts of different contexts for more than 30 years. For ​most of that time, I’ve been interested in the psychology of performance as well. Over the years, I’ve spent large amounts of time working on the approaches from many different books, and innumerable individual tips. I saw some progress as a result, no doubt, but it was slow and steady. No revolutionary breakthroughs.

Then I started taking my tennis as seriously as my music. I stumbled across a tennis course focused entirely on mental training and saw a huge improvement in my game and in my enjoyment of playing in just a few days. This showed me what was possible when you get the training right. More importantly, I was able to compare approaches and work out what the vital components were that I’d missed out when I’d tried to achieve similar improvements in my music.

Since then, I’ve worked hard to uncover and test the best approaches from sports psychology and other areas and to translate them into concepts and exercises that directly apply to music. I’ve fused everything together into a cohesive and systematic approach that’s practical for real musicians to fit into busy lives. I love providing musicians who are committed to taking their playing and enjoyment to a new level with the training and support they need.

I’m also inherently curious. I always want to discover more. So I continue to experiment with new approaches and technology to see if I can bring you even better methods. My ongoing journey on the tennis court as well as the bandstand gives me a number of different angles to look from to check that things actually work and to see how to improve them. I’ll keep you posted on what I test and what I find out.

​If that sounds interesting to you then I hope you’ll join me for the journey.

​Make ​Faster Progress

Throughout my life I have had (and continue to have) a passion for understanding what makes learning effective. To achieve true understanding and lasting transformation you need more than to just throw “correct” information at people and hope it sticks.

The information on this site is hugely valuable but, if you’re serious about improving your performance, then you deserve more than just stumbling across different tips in a potentially unrelated order.

​So I've set up a series of emails designed to give you the best chance of getting tangible results. They give you what you need, in the order you need it, and with enough time to digest the concepts in between chunks. ​I also throw in some important extra information that you won’t find on the website, give you specific actions to take, and hold you accountable.

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