Is It Possible To Transform Your Playing Completely In Just A Few Weeks?

The Best Musicians Know That Success Comes From Your Mind Just As Much As From Your Physical Technique

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Do you suffer from the same symptoms that I used to?

  • You beat yourself up over mistakes – whether in practice or performance
  • You’re frustratingly inconsistent. One day you’ve got it – the next it’s gone again
  • You often catch yourself unable to enjoy playing the music that you love so much

All this because, deep inside, you know you’re capable of doing better.

But you just can’t get it out there.

You question whether you’re on the right track at all.

Maybe you’re beating your head against a brick wall. Putting wasted effort into something that will never deliver a worthwhile improvement.

Don't you believe that’s just not right? That music should be a joy – not a source of pain and self-doubt.

And this is absolutely possible.

The secret lies in one crucial insight that most musicians miss:

There’s always a gap between your potential – and what you actually achieve.

Increasing your potential is a slow grind (we'll look at ways to speed this up a bit later).

The smart approach (that almost no-one takes) is to focus on closing that gap. To squeeze more out of what you’ve already got.

Mind the gap

You've probably noticed some musicians who seem to be playing a completely different game.

It’s as though they just find everything easier.

They quickly and effortlessly achieve goals that have escaped you for months.

Or years.

Are they simply more talented than you?

Perhaps they’re natural performers – and you’re not?

Here's the deal:

I was in this place myself a few years ago. I know that frustration well.

I fumbled around making progress through trial and error. And although I WAS still moving forward, it was painfully slow. I knew I was capable of so much more.

And I was my own worst critic. I’d tear my performance apart after gigs and walk away feeling like the weakest link.

Like I’d let my bandmates down.

But then I made a discovery that massively increased the level of my playing – and my enjoyment – almost overnight.

This has nothing to do with your technique.

Athletes are measured on their physical strength and skill. But they choose to spend precious practice time working with sports psychologists.


Because the tools to achieve your full potential are in the mind.

ITF research on the top 100 tennis players attributes 40% of their success to their mental skills – rather than technique, strength or fitness.

The figure for the top 10 might be as high as 70%.

And it’s the same for musicians – at any level.

If you’ve got your mental game straight, then you deliver more consistently in practice and performance.

Have you spent 40% of your practice time training your mind?

Or even just 4%?

I’ll tell you exactly how to do this later. But here’s what it gets you:

You’ll play consistently at your best. Especially in those moments when it really counts (whether that’s on stage, in the recording studio, or just “performing” for your own personal enjoyment).

You’ll get into the zone more often. This pushes you way above your usual skill level. But it’s also where you’ll experience the most joy while playing.

Most of all, you’ll feel happy and proud of what you achieve. Now you know you’re delivering your best – rather than feeling you’re not living up to your potential.

Basically, your current mindset is producing your current results.

If you want to transform your music, then you need a new mindset.

It’s the key to true enjoyment of practice and performance.


"My performances just felt good" - and band mates noticed the difference


  • Name: Nino Wenger
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Instrument: Saxophone
  • Experience level: Professional performer and teacher
  • Main problem: Inconsistent performances, leading to self-critical thoughts and not enjoying his music. Doing more practice didn't seem to help
  • Success: Happy with the quality of his performances on both his last tours, and his bandmates commented on his constant good mood.

Take a massive leap forward even if you've been stuck for ages

Once you commit to rewiring your brain, you open the door to a transformation that you can’t get from normal practice. Or from music lessons.

I’ll go through the individual aspects you need to focus on in a moment. But know that this is all trainable.

And it’s just as important as physical technique.

As Olympic diving coach Jeff Huber put it:

“Having mental skills won’t guarantee you an Olympic medal. But the LACK of mental skills will guarantee losing one.”

And studies from golf show this holds true for all levels – from beginners all the way through to the top pros.

When you start down this road, you’ll probably find some easy, quick wins. A few minutes work might deliver similar results to hours and hours of normal practice.

And those results immediately apply to all areas of your music – not just an individual piece or technique. So musicians who don’t make a deliberate effort to train mental skills are missing out on a massive opportunity.

It’s not a one-time boost either.

You’re opening up a whole new area where you can keep making progress for ever.

And there are direct implications for how you develop physical skills too.

I’ll explain a bit later how both self-belief and the flow state can massively speed up your learning.

But most musicians don’t work in this way. Usually because they don’t realise just how important it is.

I ignored all this for years myself. And paid the price...

I practised hard without much to show for it. I often caught myself wondering if it was really worth the effort.

And I always felt that I should do better at the gig.

I was thinking too much. Trying too hard. But I didn’t know how to move beyond that.

After one particularly awful gig, I realised that just working harder wasn’t ever going to change things.

So I went looking for an alternative…

And stumbled across a tennis course focusing on sports psychology – with results that were more dramatic than I could have imagined.

I was suddenly much more consistent without changing my tennis technique at all. And more – I frequently found myself playing shots I didn’t know I was capable of.

So, when I came back from the course, I wondered if I could apply the same ideas to my music.

That weekend, I took a bigger step forward than I had in the whole previous year.

And the next couple of weeks brought similar massive gains.

There was still a huge amount of work to be done.

Translating concepts and exercises from sport to music. Experimenting to discover what worked best. Then practising systematically.

But, provided I kept at it, I kept improving.

Those moments of “Wow – how did I play that!?” have become more and more frequent.

Musicians I admire often approach me at gigs and jams now to compliment me on my playing.

And the exercises I’ve developed work just as well for others. So now I teach and write about this in order to spread the word to more musicians.

As featured in:

Shows logos of websites etc that have featured Play In The Zone creator Mark Morley-Fletcher. I.e. Classical Music Magazine, Learn Jazz Standards, The Electric Campfire and Best Saxophone Website Ever

When you join the exclusive group of those who DO train mental skills, the results will speak for themselves. Other musicians will sit up and take notice.

You’ll no longer doubt whether you’re good enough. You’ll feel worthy of the audiences you play for – and the great musicians you play with.

And you’ll gain the confidence to take the next big steps on your musical journey. Whether that’s performing, having your own band, recording an album – or whatever you’re dreaming of.


"I never would have tried that two months before"


  • Name: Skip Phoenix
  • Location: Canada
  • Instrument: Trumpet
  • Experience level: Amateur
  • Main problem: He’d been an Olympic athlete. But when he played music he couldn’t make similar progress.
  • Success: He found himself performing pieces he wouldn’t have dreamed of playing before.

Feel fearless with music in any situation

Chances are, you have some massive misconceptions about performance anxiety.

Pressure is something every musician must face.

Whether you’re on stage in front of thousands of people.

Whether you want to record the perfect take.

Or whether it’s just the pressure you put on yourself to get something right when you’ve been practising it for hours. For weeks. Maybe even for months.

Onstage in a pressure music performance situation

I’ll explain in a moment how you can use anxiety or pressure to make your playing BETTER – not worse.

But first you need to understand how to neutralise the negative effects.

Most musicians will tell you to get out and perform lots.

But this is slow at best – one pro drummer told me that playing gigs 150 nights a year for 5 years did it for him.

For me, it brought some progress. But it was painfully hit-and-miss. And after a while it stopped altogether.

And, for lots of musicians, it doesn’t work at all.

Luckily, you can feel fearless and completely in control of your playing without leaving things to chance. Or waiting until you’ve performed thousands of times.

You just need to understand what’s going on. And then train in the right way.

This frees you up from worry. Anxiety will show up much less often – and now you’re comfortable with it even when it’s there.

Even if something does go wrong, you know can continue confidently without missing a beat.

This new freedom leads to better, more enjoyable performances. And you can express yourself more.

Then you can use pressure to reach new heights.

You’ll start to see that it’s simply a source of energy. It’s how you direct it that leads to “good” or “bad” impacts.

As you learn how to harness it to take your playing to the next level, you’ll actually get disappointed when “pressure” – your new friend – ISN’T there.


"I can't believe I waited this long... I wish I did it 20 years ago"


  • Name: Claudia Landell
  • Location: USA
  • Instrument: Violin
  • Experience level: Playing regular gigs
  • Main problem: Dealing with performance anxiety. Especially as she stepped up to lead a band for the first time.
  • Success: In her first gig as a bandleader she performed at her highest ever level and the band got hired for three more gigs.

Introducing Unlock Your Performance

Unlock Your Performance gives you everything you need to train your mental game for peak musical performance – whatever your instrument, style of music, or level of technical ability. You’ll make a big leap forward faster than with any other “traditional” practice.

Up until now – like most musicians – you weren’t aware that working on your mental game was an option. And you didn’t know about the huge benefits that you can get as a result. And so – through no fault of your own – you were missing out on a massive opportunity.

But now that you know this, you have a choice.

The tools that the best in the world use to chase peak performance and explore the boundaries of what’s possible are out there – and they’re available to the rest of us too. 

A clear path

This is an integrated system rather than a heap of disorganised information. The right lessons in the right order. Everything you need – nothing you don’t. You won’t waste time and effort blindly trying lots of different things.

Practical actions

Training about thought processes can be hard to implement – even if the concepts are valuable. Unlock Your Performance gives you practical exercises and concrete steps designed specifically for musicians. You don't get vague instructions like: “Just think of this and this…”

Go at your own pace

You get lifetime access to everything: videos, audios, worksheets and more. You’ll be able to fit the course to your lifestyle – even if your schedule is busy or unpredictable.

Photo of Chris Bestwick - guitarist and Unlock Your Performance student

"I can't imagine anybody who wouldn't find it useful"

"The most important thing for me has been having these little things you do actually in the moment of playing – they’re bite-size and very understandable and easy to do once you practice them. Making things more concrete has been a useful part of the course for me.

And I certainly wasn’t expecting at the beginning of the course to have this amount of personal help, so that’s been a really good aspect too.

I would definitely recommend the course. I can’t imagine anybody who wouldn’t find it useful. If you’ve spent your whole life on this mental side of music and you’ve got it all down then perhaps it’s not for you, but I think the vast majority of us musicians are focusing on the musical skills and don’t spend much time thinking about this mental side. I’ve found it really helpful and I’ve definitely been talking about it with my friends and musician colleagues as I’ve been doing the course and saying how good it’s been."

- Chris Bestwick (guitarist - UK)

What you'll get...

Module 1: Make Pressure Work In Your Favour

  • How to feel comfortable and in control even when anxiety shows up
  • How to channel the energy that pressure produces into more compelling performances
  • A 7-step process to achieve your ideal performance state in just seconds. Play your best from the very first note
  • How to consistently deliver performances you’re proud of when it counts the most
  • Why nerves only hurt your performance if you’re unfamiliar with their effects – and how to combat this
  • How to raise or lower your excitement on command so that your energy level is perfectly matched to the performance you want to give
  • How understanding pressure turns you from avoiding it into someone who actively seeks out challenging situations
Image of module 1, Pressure, inside Unlock Your Performance
Picture of Bryony Rickard - singer, saxophonist and Unlock Your Performance student

"Performance has gone from scary to exciting"

"I’m a singer-saxophonist gigging regularly and aiming to be a full-time solo artist. I’d been performing for twenty years but suffered from nerves and never really performed at my best on stage. This course was a game-changer - it was only six weeks long and yet I’m now probably double the performer I once was.

I’m much more confident on stage and I know how to deal with my nerves. Even better than that, I can now pull out far better performances under pressure than I would in my practice room. Performance has gone from being something scary to something exciting!

Mark was there every step of the way to talk things through with. His humble approach made it a comforting experience.

If you’re prepared to put the work in, I would highly recommend this course! There’s a lot to learn and practise, but it’s completely worth it. Serious game-changer for performers, aspiring or professional. Thanks Mark!"

- Bryony Rickard (singer/saxophonist)

Image of the modules inside Unlock Your Performance

Module 2: Build Rock Solid Self-Belief

  • How to raise your self-belief in a way that drives you to greater heights in both practice and performance
  • The 4 pillars of belief that the SAS use to maintain total confidence – even when it’s “mission certain death”
  • Why negative self-talk is probably sabotaging your playing and your enjoyment – and how to change this
  • A simple 3-minute exercise that will totally rewrite your self-image (and why this is so much more powerful than just learning a new skill)
  • Why true self-confidence is quite different from most people’s perception – and how to develop it for yourself in 3 steps
  • A 4-step process to break through hidden limiting beliefs and uncover untapped potential you didn’t even realise was there
  • The 2 sentences you can use to give yourself a confidence boost in just seconds
  • Why you need to build belief deliberately – brick by brick. And how this leaves you feeling better about your skills, progress and performances

Module 3: Courage and Letting Go

  • Why you need to let go of the need for control in order to play at your full potential
  • How to unleash the power of your subconscious and process info at around 2,000,000 bits/second (vs 150 bits/second with the conscious mind)
  • How imitating your musical heroes helps you let go – and allows you to tap into their abilities at the same time
  • Why a silent video might be one of your most important practice tools
  • A system for strengthening courage that moves you from fearful “playing it safe” to just “playing your heart out”
  • How to experience more joy in your playing – even if you’re prone to self-criticism
  • How a solitary drone note allows you to experience the feeling of letting go (several free apps will work for this)
Image of module 3, Letting Go, inside Unlock Your Performance
Photo of Angela Koufou - UYP student

"I can play with no self-judgement. Musical expression is fun again"

"The challenge of finding out what might be holding me back in my practice and my performances led me to join the course. After six weeks of learning new and challenging things, my biggest success has been that I can play the accordion again with no self-judgement; musical expression is fun again and, through this course I feel that my relationship to music has changed significantly.

This course covers a lot of topics, strategies, thoughts, ideas as well as exercises that have helped me get better results from my practice and thus enjoy my playing much more - isn't that what music is all about?"

- Angela Koufou (accordionist - Greece)

Image of the main dashboard inside Unlock Your Performance

Module 4: How to Get Into the Zone

  • The 4 different types of focus – and how to pick the right one for any musical situation
  • Why being in the zone automatically reduces anxiety and negative thoughts
  • How to create your own individual recipe for the zone from 9 basic ingredients (and why “one size fits all” approaches are doomed to fail)
  • Why getting into the zone is the best thing you can do for sheer joy as well as for the quality of your playing
  • How the flow state might allow you to learn new skills up to 5x faster
  • 2 simple exercises that turn any piece of music into your own focus gym – and why this is so important for your playing
  • How to reframe situations that are too challenging or too easy so that you can still access the flow state

Module 5: Dealing With Mistakes

  • How to free yourself up from fear and worry by reframing your attitude to mistakes
  • A 5-step procedure that allows you to bounce back from mistakes in the blink of an eye (even mid-performance)
  • Why trying to avoid mistakes at all costs can actually lead to MORE of them
  • The 3 damaging reactions that occur automatically after a mistake – and how to reduce their impacts
  • Why a performance with a couple of mistakes is usually BETTER than one with no mistakes
  • Why your judgement of mistakes is bound to be extremely unreliable – and what you should rely on instead
Image of module 5, Mistakes, from Unlock Your Performance
Photo of Anne Else - UYP student

"I’m excited at the prospect of what I can achieve... Amazing value for money"

"Unlock your Performance maps out a clear way to a successful future for all serious musicians. Mark never underestimates the big challenges ahead but helps you to believe you can overcome them by a series of mind-training exercises. And it works!

I’m really excited now at the prospect of what I can achieve. The course is hugely transformative and amazing value for money when I think back to all the thousands of pounds I’ve paid out in terrifying face to face lessons over the decades. A huge thank you, Mark."

- Anna Else (pianist)

Image of a lesson in module 6 from Unlock Your Performance

Module 6: Navigating the "Real World"

  • How to adapt everything in the course to your own individual circumstances
  • How to tailor the course techniques to any performance situation – from ultra-formal concerts through to unpredictable jams or open mics
  • How to stop unexpected events or difficult people throwing you off your game
  • The 2 factors you need to take into account when deciding which potential problems are worth planning for
  • Why most musicians ignore the biggest threat when things go wrong – and how to make sure you cover it
  • A practical response if things go wrong that you haven’t planned for

When You Sign Up Today You'll Also Receive:

At this point, you might be saying to yourself: “Mark, this looks great. But will I actually be able to put all this into practice? And what if I don’t understand something or have a question?” – No problem. I’ve got you covered with these very special resources.

Resource#1: Bootcamp ($87 value)

Many courses give you valuable information. But when it comes to putting it into practice – they leave you on your own.

That’s not the case with Unlock Your Performance.

The bootcamp means that you have me with you every step of the way. This is where you turn everything that you’ve learned inside the course into progress that makes you proud.

I’ll get you to email me your answers and comments as you go through the work. This allows me to send you individual feedback.

I might show you a totally new perspective on a topic or point out concepts you didn’t even realise you’d missed. You’ll know you’re doing things right and that you haven’t overlooked something vital.

  • Start the bootcamp when YOU choose – make it fit with your schedule
  • Get specific assignments by email once a week – plus additional check ins and reminders holding you accountable for your progress
  • Guides you through the exercises in the right order – and at a manageable pace
  • Ensures that you stick with the core exercises long enough to get lasting results
  • Innovative techniques for recreating pressure during practice – you’ll improve performance skills even when you’re at home on your own

"The Bootcamp was a huge breakthrough for me. Your method worked a true miracle."

"I must tell you how much success I have had with the Bootcamp.

All summer I used your lessons to help me give 30 minute performances to small audiences on my porch. Things got a little better with each performance, which encouraged me, but then...WOW! The real benefit showed up in my last two performances this past weekend. Your method worked a true miracle. The day of each performance I was appropriately excited but not threateningly so. While playing I was able to let go, stay focused, get back in focus when I lost it, let mistakes go, and remind myself of the beauty I was creating in each moment.

This is a huge breakthrough for me and it simply wouldn’t have been possible without your personal help. I can’t thank you enough for all the gems I learned, and I sincerely hope every suffering performer finds their way to Play In The Zone and Unlock Your Performance."

- Nina Grimaldi

Resource #2: Practice System ($37 value)

The bootcamp will kickstart great results for you. And if you can maintain that momentum then the breakthroughs will keep on coming indefinitely.

But the pressures of real life have a habit of getting in the way...

Here’s where the unique practice system comes in. You’ll reap the benefits of staying in this for the long-haul – no matter how busy your daily life is.

  • Effective, on-going practice routine that fits into as little as 5 minutes a day
  • How to leverage habits and rituals to make this easy and natural – minimal willpower or organisation required
  • Identifies the one or two topics that will make the biggest difference for you right now – and guides you on when it’s time to switch things up
  • No uncertainty over what – or how much – you need to practice in order to see results that stick

Resource #3: Community & Support ($94 value)

Image of the community forum inside Unlock Your Performance

Making big changes is tough. The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t usually comes down to who you’ve got in your corner.

Although the ones who set out to struggle through on their own seem “brave” and self-sufficient, they’re just making things much harder for no good reason.

Unlock Your Performance doesn’t leave you to do it all yourself. I’m on this journey with you – I’ll get to know your name and what you’re working on. And I’m there to help you out with whatever you need as you go through the course.

The private forum is the main way we’ll do this. It provides a safe and friendly environment where we can talk things through – just ask a question about any aspect of the course and I’ll get back to you with an answer.

But it also allows you to connect with other like-minded musicians. You’ll get inspiration and motivation from seeing their progress. Or just share your experiences with some sympathetic ears.

Photo of Sarah Gallagher - singer songwriter and Unlock Your Performance student

"I have a lot of trust in Mark"

"The format of the course means that I can pick it up as and when I have free time, which is really helpful. I've had no problem finding the time.

Mark has been great – you can discuss on the website itself. And just having that contact with somebody instead of it being a very faceless course – there's lots of those out there, where you don't get to know the person and you don't really trust them. I have a lot of trust in Mark and it's very reassuring to have that point of call.

I 100% would recommend Unlock Your Performance. I've only been doing the course for three months, but already I've found a huge improvement in my music. I used to think that you're either musical or you're not. So you're born with that ability to get up on stage or you're born with that ability to practice well. And that's something I always thought that I didn't have. But I discovered that you can work on that, and you can get better with practice. I've seen a huge improvement in my enjoyment levels of playing and performing, which is something I never thought I would ever be able to do."

- Sarah Gallagher (singer-songwriter)

Plus, When You Join Today You'll Also Get These Two Bonuses - FREE

BONUS #1: Hack Your Practice Brain

($77 value)

Upgrading your mindset will give you a big leg up. But that doesn’t mean that you can forget about practicing technique from now on.

However, for all the talk of “muscle memory”, practice actually works because it lays down new pathways in your brain. With the right understanding you can use hacks to speed up your learning. And avoid the traps that are currently derailing your progress.

This exclusive workshop gives you the most effective and actionable do’s and don’ts. Tips that you can apply in a matter of seconds - but which will save you hours of practice time. You'll discover:

  • What you need to do BEFORE any practice session to make it as productive as possible
  • How to get the most benefit when you only have limited time to practice
  • Why practice sessions that feel really productive at the time can be ineffective in the long-term (and vice-versa)
  • Why you need both extremely fast and extremely slow practice (and when to use each one)

And much more...

"I already feel that I've had my money's worth"

"Mark, I can't tell how useful I found the Hack Your Practice Brain workshop.... ideas that I've been wrestling with for ages and you come along and just lay everything out with such clarity. Thank you, thank you. I already feel that I've had my money's worth and I have hardly started with the rest of the course material!"

- Jacqui Evans

BONUS #2: Performance Booster Pack

($57 value)

The Performance Booster Pack is a set of tools that's specifically designed for the gig. Simply take them with you and use them right there and then.

They'll help you deliver your best performance on the night. You'll effortlessly adopt the right mindsets even when external pressures or distractions interfere.

They also guide you through a reflection process afterwards that tracks your progress. And ensures that your next gig will be even better than this one.

All you have to do is listen to the audio, or go through the checklist. No need to hope that you'll remember everything from the course in the heat of the moment. You'll have the key concepts at your fingertips just when you need them.

Blindfolded 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Unlock Your Performance is RISK FREE.

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - no explanation needed.

You can leave me completely blindfolded and in the dark.

If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 60 days, just let me know and I'll happily send you a refund.

No hassles, headaches or hoops for you to jump through.

The best part is this:

If you think there's a slight chance Unlock Your Performance can work for you, then you should enrol today. You can try the course... and see if it's right for you. No guesswork needed.

If it works, your music will never be the same again. You'll play consistently at your best and truly enjoy the experience. If it doesn't work, email me and I’ll give you a prompt refund.

That's why I'm happy to offer this risk-free 60-day guarantee.

Signature of Mark Morley-Fletcher - creator of Play In The Zone and Unlock Your Performance
Photo of Sarah Chaplin - singer, saxophonist and Unlock Your Performance student

"It's been life-changing.  Anybody, whatever stage they're at, would stand to benefit from this"

"It’s been life-changing – as a musician it will help immeasurably. Anybody, whatever stage they’re at as a performer would stand to benefit from this.

I really liked the material that you put together – I thought there was a really lovely fit with the exercises. You offered to be our personal guide until it became natural for us to guide ourselves. You had my back."

- Sarah Chaplin (singer/saxophonist)

How do I join Unlock Your Performance right away?

When you use the techniques in Unlock Your Performance to rewire your brain, you’re joining the select group of musicians who focus on the skills that really matter.

You’ll get more enjoyment out of playing and performance. You’ll beat performance anxiety and feel completely in control. And you’ll make a leap forward that other musicians notice and respect.

You get:

  • The Unlock Your Performance course that helps you play at your best every time and enjoy music more than ever
  • The Bootcamp that ensures you turn all the information into real progress
  • The unique practice system that allows you to keep making progress for ever in only 5 minutes a day
  • Lifetime access to the UYP community where you’ll get individual help and encouragement
  • The Hack Your Practice Brain workshop which will save you hours of practice time
  • The Performance Booster Pack that makes it easy to deliver your best on the night. And ensures that each new gig is better than the last
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  • Lifetime access to all 6 core video modules [$357 value]
  • RESOURCES: Bootcamp, practice system and lifetime community membership [$218 value]
  • BONUS: Hack Your Practice Brain workshop [$77 value]
  • BONUS: Performance Booster Pack [$57 value]


Full package with one-to-one coaching


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  • Lifetime access to the course and all resources [$575 value]
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What level do I need to be to join?

Unlock Your Performance is mainly aimed at musicians who already perform for others in some context. This does not to be at a high-level - just playing for friends informally is fine.

However, there are two exceptions to this where people still tend to get a lot out of the course. So this might be for you IF:

  • You find playing in front of your teacher in lessons very nerve wracking
  • You’re planning to start performing for others but are feeling nervous about taking this step.

Does this work for singers as well as instrumentalists?

Yes. UYP works for singers, for any instrument and for any style of music.

It’s all about the mental skills involved in making and performing music so all the concepts and exercises are as relevant and as effective for singers as they are for instrumentalists.

You’re based in the UK – so why is the price in US dollars?

There are students joining the course from countries all around the world. The US dollar is the currency that’s most familiar globally and so that’s what I use.

How much time do I need to spend on this?

Eventually, you can get serious long-term progress by spending just 5 minutes a day on the exercises in the course (though you’ll get quicker and bigger results if you’re able to do more than this).

You’ll need to put in a couple of hours’ work per module first – to go through the lessons and get used to the exercises.

But you can go through the course at your own pace.

And this small investment of your time will pay for itself many times over. You’ll be able to get similar progress from a few minutes of mental training as from hours of “normal” music practice.

How do I access the course materials after signing up?

You will receive INSTANT digital access to the course. After you sign up, you’ll get an email straight away with all your login details and the link to access the dedicated course website.

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Testimonials From Past Students

Photo of Chris Gregg - UYP student

"After only a week of the course it was a joy for me to be out there"

"I have been a musician most of my life. However my mind was holding me back from really playing for an audience. Immediately after joining Unlock Your Performance I had a gig at the local folk club. I had played there with my band before and had been stressed out before I went on stage. This time, after only a week of the course, I went up there without a care in the world and did what I had to do. It was a joy for me to be out there.

Bootcamp was also a great experience. Amazing that one recording a week can simulate the real deal, but it does. I am already seeing a great improvement in my playing.

I have been into this mind thing for some time, I meditate on a regular basis and read works from some of the great teachers. What I found is that UYP is like the practical application of all I have learned. It has been a game changer for me and I look forward to continuing the work that Mark has started me on."

- Chris Gregg

Photo of Michaela Halt - UYP student

"It's like a problem lasting 10 years or more has disappeared overnight"

"Dear Mark, I've benefitted hugely from your course and wanted to let you know that. Sticking to your advice has moved me from years of misery to a sustainable learning routine. It's like a problem lasting 10 years or more has disappeared overnight by bringing order, purpose and structure in my practice as I've never had before. I'm so happy and grateful."

- Michaela Halt (Germany)

"Intense, inspirational training... Any musician cannot help but be enriched"

"I just completed Unlock Your Performance: 6 weeks of intense, inspirational training to help musicians reach the full learning and performance capacity they have been seeking, perhaps for years. I am preparing my final recital for a masters in performance and have often experienced crippling performance anxiety, lack of focus and negative thinking and expectations about outcomes, which have distracted me from reaching my full potential and especially, finding joy in playing.

UYP so insightfully addresses these and many other problems in a step by step approach which not only begins to bear fruit as one goes through the course, but will remain as an invaluable resource for the future growth of any musician. Mark follows each participant in a very personal, expert and caring way. The material is rich with both psychological insights and the well-documented skills that will help each musician reach the goal. Any musician taking this course cannot help but be enriched. The community sharing of thoughts and performances is also a great plus. Highly recommended. I will keep the material preciously for future reference and ongoing study."

- Chloe de Stockalper (pianist - USA)

Photo of Philip Cross - UYP student

"I have made huge progress... My music teacher is very pleased"

"The course was really great for me and I have continued to use it. I have made huge progress with my playing since doing it . My music teacher is very pleased with my progress"

- Philip Cross (saxophonist)

Photo of Julia Taranto - pianist and Unlock Your Performance student

"My concern was that I had never done an online course before"

"I was really excited about training my mind. But my concern was that I had never done an online course before. Doing this course has been the best thing I have done this year because it has already had an impact on my performances and taken the edge off my pre-performance nerves. This has been a revelation to me.

I would recommend the course to any musician who wants to enjoy performing more and feel a greater sense of satisfaction when they share their music with others. The course is unique in that it goes very deep. Plenty of easy-to-understand information in the right sized chunks, lots of real-world examples and inspiring quotes. I absolutely loved it. It has been the highlight of my year."

- Julia Taranto (pianist - Australia)

Photo of Hilda Henderson - pianist and Unlock Your Performance student

"Thank you for a life-changing course"

"Each module has something that resonates psychologically, and practically, for the student. This is not just for now, but acts as a reference for developing musicians over a long period. With this different approach to practice I can already hear the benefits.

Thank you for a life-changing, music-changing, person-changing course. I'm very chuffed to have completed it and I know that I will be referring to it often."

- Hilda Henderson (pianist - Australia)

Photo of Rosco Bell - guitarist and Unlock Your Performance student

"I was hesitant to spend several hundred bucks... but I’m glad I did"

"I have played with some really good musicians in my time, but felt frustrated that I could never reach the levels they had achieved despite all the years of practicing and playing I have put in. I know now that I can be a lot better, and more importantly, a lot more satisfied thanks to the confidence I have gained from Unlock Your Performance.

One thing that impressed me about Mark’s approach is that it is based on scientific research into how the brain works. He teaches methods that are used by high performance athletes as well as world-class musicians to achieve their maximum potential. He teaches mental exercises that can be practiced just like scales and chord progressions.

I was initially hesitant to spend several hundred bucks on Mark’s course but I’m glad I did. In six weeks I went from thinking I should be a better musician to believing I can be a better musician. If I can do it, so can anyone. It’s never too late to change!"

- Rosco Bell (guitarist - Canada)

Photo of Susan Sigsworth - UYP student

"The tools gave me breakthroughs. Confidence and courage replaced fear."

"I have spent 18 years trying to master traditional fiddle styles. Progress had been frustratingly slow. I liked the look of Unlock Your Performance, but am always suspicious of quick fixes so looked at the reviews first. I learnt that the course was complex and quite long, but everyone was convinced that improvements were happening.

Over two months later, I’m one of those people. Many tools introduced during the Bootcamp gave me breakthrough moments of understanding. My outlook started, and then continued to change. Confidence and courage replaced fear.

The course has such detail, depth and well-planned structure that it’s thoroughly engaging. I can wholeheartedly recommend Unlock Your Performance to anyone who is prepared to commit to it. I‘m so glad I did!"

- Susan Sigsworth (fiddle)

Picture of John Bayley - guitarist, vocalist and Unlock Your Performance student

"I was concerned that it might be too difficult"

"Before joining the course I was concerned that it might be too difficult or that it was “just another course”. As a result of taking the course, though, I became more objective about my own playing. I lost my fear of making mistakes, and learned how to use what skills I already had and to be more optimistic about being able to improve step by step. Mark gave very full feedback on assignments so it has felt like a supportive conversation.

An unexpected result is that I have also got better at asking other players how they do things rather than trying to pretend I already know – I didn’t anticipate that.

I would certainly recommend the course. In the past I have looked for people who can show me how to play. That can be useful, but really the only person who can learn how to play is yourself. This course focuses on the mental attitudes and practices you need to do that. I was very pleased with the course."

- John Bayley (guitarist and singer)


You may be wondering: “But do I really need this?”

Well, you could just carry on as before and keep getting the same results you’ve always got. Since you’ve read this far, though, I’m guessing that’s not really what you want.

Are you really happy with the level your playing is at? And with the progress you’re making?

If you want to play consistently at your best and truly enjoy your music, then adding in mental training is really the only sure way to go about it. You’ll take a leap forward that you simply can’t get from normal practice or lessons.

It’s an investment in your playing that will pay itself back many times over.

You could put together a system like this yourself. But the cost of tracking down all the information would be about the same. And it would take you a lot longer.

(That’s before turning all this into practical exercises and testing which ones work best for you)

And if you go down the route of getting one-to-one coaching then you could easily be paying 10 times as much.

Alternatively, you can benefit from all the work I’ve already done to design and test a system that’s effective and practical. (And you’ll avoid the many dead-ends I went down on the way)

Sign up today and get on the fast track to success – you’re missing out on potential progress with every day that you wait. Just 30 minutes spent going through ONE of the modules might change your playing more than all the practice you’ve done in the last 6 months.

Imagine that every time you get up to perform you play freely, without fear, and at the top of your game. If you want to see a transformation like this, then Unlock Your Performance is the most effective way to do it.

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What's that? You'd like to see MORE comments from students? Go on, then...

Photo of Wolfgang Franz - UYP student

"I had no idea how significant my mental skills were"

"I’m a professional guitarist and guitar teacher. One of my greatest struggles was that I never managed to perform on stage or in the studio on the same level as during practice. It’s hard for me to control my nervousness and tension and I’m also easily distracted during a performance. I was very afraid to make mistakes.

I wanted to gain more confidence but I didn’t know how. I knew that I could perform at a higher level, but just assumed that what I had to do was practise more. Unlock Your Performance showed me a new way to effectively deal with these weaknesses. I had no idea how significant my mental skills were and I had never learned to train them.  

The greatest benefit of Unlock Your Performance was that I was shown a way to constructively deal with the challenges of my mental game. It has had such a huge impact on my playing. Unlock Your Performance doesn’t have any magic tricks to just make you a better musician. It takes work. But it can open doors. You’ll receive practical tools on how to deal with anxiety on stage, fear of failure, and how to deal with mistakes. You’ll most certainly improve – no matter what level you are currently playing at. And you'll also increase the 'fun factor' of playing – no matter whether you are playing in your living room or on stage."

- Wolfgang Franz (guitarist - Germany)

Photo of Helena Knott - UYP student

"My enjoyment of music has increased enormously"

"My enjoyment of music and my enthusiasm for playing has increased enormously. As has my self-esteem in general. Signing up for the course has been one of the best decisions I ever made. So just do it!"

- Helena Knott (pianist - UK)

Photo of David Gill - pianist and Unlock Your Performance student

"I did way better than I ever would have done prior to Bootcamp"

"I am a nearly 70-year-old piano student who has played for a lot of years but wasn’t able to perform the pieces I loved in front of friends and family. Performance anxiety so diminished my capacity that I always let myself and the audience down. I was ready to give up, but I found Unlock Your Performance and decided to give it a go.

The Bootcamp required me to actually do the work of facing up to performing in a more public way. So when I performed in a “Master Class” as part of a course that I am taking at the University of Houston I did way better than I ever would have done prior to Bootcamp, and I thank you for that.

I recommend this course to anyone willing to get on with getting better, provided they are willing to do the hands-on work, not just buzz through the didactic materials. I firmly believe that I will be continuing to review and apply the exercises and processes for a long time."

- David Gill (pianist - USA)

"Patience, persistence and work are required. But I truly believe in the method"

"All modules in the course are very interesting and helpful for any musician. Maybe some of the practices will be familiar, but for sure it's very handy to have all of them collected together. I especially loved the modules of self-reflection about beliefs that might be limiting, which can help in other areas of your life as well. It's not magic, so patience, persistence and work are required. But I truly believe in the method, I recommend it and I will absolutely go over it again and again."

- Carolina Rodriguez (pianist)

Photo of Bogdan Ion - UYP student

"Better execution, more enjoyment, and increased trust in my abilities"

"I play almost exclusively for my own pleasure. Nevertheless, I am still interested in the performance aspects. Anybody that has attempted even a single performance has experienced the tug of war of a range of psychological forces that undermine and often derail one's best efforts. The course allowed me to systematically develop an understanding of the significant factors that affect my performance and to develop the habits necessary to address them. The improvement comes from many clear, concrete, focused exercises. The bootcamp (without which all this would have remained for me at the level of theory) guided me through the process of ingraining them in daily practice. Mark's direct feedback added insight and practical suggestions relevant to my particular circumstances.

Overall, I have seen my problems attenuate to a degree that I am very confident that I will eventually have everything under control. I have also experienced other benefits stemming from a shift in the overall mindset with which I approach music. This has led to better execution, more enjoyment, and increased trust in my abilities. I believe the skills addressed by the course are absolutely fundamental and beneficial to virtually everyone and I wholeheartedly recommend it."

- Bogdan Ion (guitarist)

Photo of Erika Schmeid - UYP student

"It makes so much sense to recreate the performance situation in practice"

"I’m a piano teacher with a background in jazz, and I also perform as a singer/songwriter. Like many others, I get nervous when I perform, which affects both my singing and my playing.

I’ve learnt a lot from the exercises and practices in the course. It was great to have both a community to share with and to get feedback from Mark. It makes so much sense to recreate the performance situation in practice and learn from how it goes. Now I have a structure in place to reaffirm the mindset aspects, and I also have clarity on what I’ll be practicing in the future.

I highly recommend taking this course. Mark has put so much thought into how it’s set up and I’ve benefited a lot from it."

- Erika Schmied (Switzerland)

"Are you worth invaluable help?"

"I've returned to music after a substantial career as a professional in it, followed by an equally substantial second career.  I'm surprised at how much of Mark's excellent advice I not only agree with but have actually taught to others - but sadly I've either forgotten all about it or have failed to practise what I've preached.

So, whether you're new to his methods and type of advice, or, like me, are an old hand who needs a dynamic refresher course, don't be reluctant to take advice from  someone who isn't "famous" in the music profession. Mark's skills are in helping us to optimize our own talents. His free emails are overly generous, and his course is both very beneficial and a very affordable investment in your own future and long-term success. Are you worth it?"

- Raymond Prescott

Photo of Sigrun Landro Bekken - UYP student

"The best thing I have done to myself for years"

"As I discovered the Unlock Your Performance course, something awoke in me. I can say that this should «bear fruit» and make a huge difference in my life.  A new challenge, and the best thing I have done to myself for years. I appreciated very much to work on every Module in the course, and I have to say that I got some revelations alongside the road. The benefits for me were many!

The whole course is built up in a professional and progressive way and touches important life-changing points in my life as musical performer and educator. I highly recommend «Unlock Your Performance» for all of you out there who want to experience new personal progress in your journey as performer or even teacher."

- Sigrun Landro Bekken (Norway)

Photo of Micky Astor - guitarist and Unlock Your Performance student

"Really useful in any form of performance"

"I would certainly recommend the course, in fact I have recommended the course. It’s really useful in any form of performance, and a lot of life is performance.

I found that it’s given me tools to not just accept ‘Oh god, there’s another one I’ve ruined by tense muscles’, but it’s given me tools to actually improve that and to relax much more, and it’s given me conscious things to focus on both in practice and performance. I like the fact that there are copious notes."

- Micky Astor (guitarist)

How do I join Unlock Your Performance right away?

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