Accelerates Your Musical Progress… Without Effort!

Harness The Power Of Habits To Make The “Impossible” Possible… Even If You Have No Time To Practice And No Talent

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You probably don’t realise it…

But if you’re like most people you’re currently spending all your time and effort fighting against the natural way human beings are designed to function. This leads to struggle and failure.

But what if I told you there’s another way?

A way that doesn’t require willpower and hard work… An easier, more enjoyable way which nevertheless gets you more progress.

A way to go with the flow and do things the way you were designed to.

When you make this shift:

  • Progress feels effortless and fun
  • You’ll achieve your goals naturally without even trying – it’s like you’re improving on autopilot
  • The steps you take compound, so you go faster than ever before
  • “Talent” becomes irrelevant – anyone can use this to make seemingly “impossible” gains (even if they were stuck before)
  • The benefits go way beyond physical technique. You’ll also boost self-belief, focus, and more…

That probably sounds too good to be true. But don’t worry… I’ll explain how it works and show you the science behind it in just a bit.

And to be clear, this isn’t some magic pill. When you take this approach it doesn't mean you're not working hard – it just doesn't FEEL like work...

It’s not a quick fix, either. You’ve got to give it time.

But once you’ve started it’s easy – your only job is to stay on the path. And the results are amazing…

Bestselling author and high-performance expert, Steven Kotler, describes it like this:

“It’s day after day, week after week, months into years into careers. This is the road to real magic. Follow this path long enough, and not only does impossible become possible, it becomes what’s next – like eating breakfast, like another day at the office.”

The first time I experienced the power of this myself I became a convert for life…

Achieve Your Musical Goals Faster Than Ever Before

Back when I had a full-time job, I’d always do some music practice first thing in the morning. It would vary from day to day, but I usually managed about 30 minutes before leaving for work.

This was certainly helpful. But it never delivered amazing results.

Until – about a decade ago – something incredible happened…

I clocked up a period of more than two years where I consistently practiced for two hours a day.

Not only that…

Minute for minute, my practice was more effective than when I’d only been doing half an hour.

As a result, I saw more musical growth during those two years than in the previous ten years put together!

Even better…

Practice also felt easier than before – even though I was getting up earlier in the morning and doing more work!

What caused all these changes?

I made the decision to deliberately design a specific and consistent practice habit.

Case Study: The Power Of Regular Habits

Isaac Asimov had the habit of writing every morning – whether he felt like it or not.

He didn’t wait for inspiration… And he didn’t get hung up on whether he felt his writing was good or bad that day. His job was simply to stick to the habit.

The result was that he published 400 books in his lifetime. And not just any books… They won numerous awards and he was considered one of the “Big Three” science-fiction writers.

Amazingly, he wasn’t even a full-time author. He spent a lot of his life holding down a pretty demanding “day job” as professor of biochemistry at Boston University.

That’s an astonishing achievement! And it all came from following one simple, but effective habit.

This was a massive breakthrough. But there was still one problem…

I didn’t really understand how I’d been so successful.

I wasn’t aware of the research into how to design effective habits. (And a lot of it didn’t even exist back then)

So I’d created my approach purely by instinct... and got lucky.

I didn’t know which of the things I’d done were crucial to my success. And I’d missed other aspects that could have made my results even more spectacular...

Also, I didn't realise that well-designed habits can do so much more than just help you practice consistently. (I’ll explain all the possibilities later on)

Since then, I’ve gone deep into learning about the science behind habits. And I’ve tested lots of ways to apply them to music.

Now I’ve finally understood exactly HOW my successful approach from years ago worked so well. I’ve discovered how to make it something repeatable that anyone can do.

(And you don’t need two hours a day. Habits allow you to accelerate your progress even if you can only spare a few minutes)

And if I was to go back in time and do my own thing again, I could make it several times better.

I want to share everything that I’ve learned so that more people can experience the joy of effortless progress... and achieve results they’d never though were possible.

Picture of Mark Morley-Fletcher, creator of Play In The Zone

In case you don’t know me already, I’m Mark Morley-Fletcher – a jazz guitarist and educator. I'll show you the system I’ve created in just a minute.

Before we get into that, though, I need to explain a bit about why I’d failed to get results for so many years before my breakthrough. It’s the reason most other people fail too…

Willpower Is NOT The Answer

Conventional wisdom says that motivation and willpower are the keys to rapid progress. If you can summon up enough discipline to do the important work then you’ll succeed… and if you lack discipline then you’re doomed to failure.

This is completely back to front.

Relying on willpower is a fool’s game. You might see some success to start with, but it’s bound to fail in the long-run.

Soldiers struggling under the strain of excessive effort

As Jesse Itzler said: "Discipline is easy. Sustained, consistent discipline is hard."

This is because evolution has hardwired humans to be lazy and conserve energy. The “Law of Least Effort” says that when choosing between two similar options people naturally pick the one that requires the least amount of work. This is what allowed our ancestors to survive when times were hard and resources were scarce.

If you try and use willpower to apply maximum effort all the time you’re literally fighting human biology.

Good luck with that!

But there’s a way around this…

You can deliberately design things to minimise the amount of self-discipline you need to be successful. And habits are the way to do this.

Scientists estimate that 40% to 50% of our actions on any given day are done out of habit. This is precisely because habitual actions use less energy.

One you’ve installed a habit it becomes the easy option. Now you’re in a situation where it’s EFFORTLESS to do the right thing.

Not only that…

As long as you install it solidly (I’ll say more on this in a bit)… once a habit is established it will run automatically in the background – upgrading your life without any effort from you!

An Extra Bonus When You Ditch Willpower

Reducing the need to apply willpower doesn’t only make you more likely to succeed in the present moment… It also means the willpower you’ve saved is still available for other tasks you might want to do later.

A study1 showed that self-control is a "limited physiological resource that is easily exhausted". Once it’s gone, there’s no way to replenish willpower other than a good night’s sleep.

This means you’ve got to reserve your willpower for the times when there's literally no other way to achieve what you want. Otherwise, you’ll get halfway through the day and discover there’s nothing left in your tank.

Turning as many predictable tasks as possible into habits means they no longer require willpower. That leaves you with much more available to spend on challenges or opportunities that arise unexpectedly.

1Muraven, M., & Baumeister, R. F. (2000). Self-regulation and depletion of limited resources: Does self-control resemble a muscle?

But even if you take the approach of using habits rather than relying on willpower, there’s another issue that means most people fail before they’ve even got started…

Here's Where Most People’s Habits Fail

"Quitting smoking is the easiest thing I've ever done. I've done it hundreds of times".

The reason Mark Twain’s comment is funny is because it contains a profound truth.

Starting a new habit – or breaking an old one – is HARD if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You have every intention of building a genuine habit. But most people merely use willpower to repeat an action on a regular basis.

And as we’ve already seen… that’s fine until the willpower runs out.

True habits work differently. They’re embedded so completely in your mind and routine that it’s harder to avoid them than to do them.

Image of a brain

The science of creating new habits is now clear. If you get all the components in place (and in the correct order) then your habit will stick.

If you miss something vital then you’re left just applying willpower again.

But even if you’ve failed in the past… ANYONE can embed habits successfully when they use the right approach …

Probably the most important thing you need to do is to make the habit really small to start with (I’ll explain how small it needs to be later).

There’s another great benefit of creating tiny habits like this. If you’re one of the many people who struggles to find as much time for music as they’d like, this allows you to achieve progress whenever you have a spare minute or two.

Achieve Your Goals More Easily

Making progress with your music isn’t just about practising consistently. You’ve got to keep doing the RIGHT things – day in, day out.

This is tough. It’s easy to get bored once you’ve been working on something for a while... And irrelevant “shiny objects” will constantly tempt you just because they’re new.

The most successful musicians turn the important things they need to do on a regular basis into habits. That way they execute the right things relentlessly and automatically – and ignore the distractions – every time.

This allows you to avoid the huge amounts of hassle that normally comes with setting and achieving goals.

No need for regular making and adjusting of plans… or for constantly checking whether you’re on track…

Just set up your habits correctly once to start with… and you’re finished!

The habits will run away on autopilot in the background… and reaching your goal becomes inevitable.

Even if you never give it another thought.

At this point you might be asking yourself: “But if I only ever create tiny habits, can they lead to massive progress?”

Luckily, the answer is a resounding YES!

Let’s look at exactly HOW small changes lead to big transformations…

How Small Wins Become BIG Gains

When the British cycling team hired Dave Brailsford as a new performance director in 2003 their record wasn’t good. They’d only ever won one Olympic gold medal at Olympics. And no British rider had ever won a Tour de France.

What followed was nothing short of incredible…

Shortly after Brailsford took over, there was a 10-year period where the British team won 178 world championships, 66 Olympic or Paralympic gold medals, and notched up 5 Tour de France victories.

It is widely regarded as the most successful run in world cycling history.

Photo of Tour De France cyclists

But the really interesting part is HOW Brailsford achieved this.

He didn’t make any big, sweeping changes. Instead, his focus was on a relentless commitment to the "aggregation of marginal gains". He found ways to increase everything possible by just 1%.

Drastic actions like crash diets almost always end in failure. But specific and meaningful gradual shifts in behaviour will always succeed if given enough focus.

There’s nothing wrong with taking bold action. Sometimes it's necessary.

But remember that you hear stories about big changes because they’re the exception, not the rule. Bold action simply makes a better story rather than the reality that incremental progress is what leads to sustainable success.

As the legendary basketball coach, John Wooden said:

"Don't look for the big, quick improvement. Seek the small improvement one day at a time. That's the only way it happens - and when it happens, it lasts."

For example, if you could get just 1% better every day, you’d end up more than 37 times better at the end of one year.

Graph showing the impact of improving by 1 percent every day for a year

The Motivation Problem

The graph above shows how changes that seem tiny at first become huge over time. But there’s still a slight problem…

If you’re part of an Olympic team with huge goals and a large support team then it’s feasible for you set out for tiny gains every day, and wait...

No big deal if you don’t see results straight away. You trust that your team know what they’re doing.

But it’s much harder to have that trust if you’re a musician practising on their own.

And this is where habits come into their own…

Starting small with tiny “one percent” actions like this is the ideal way to cement solid habits. And once the habit is embedded you don’t need motivation or willpower to stick with it.

So you can just ignore the fact that nothing much might seem to happen at first. The habit will be working away for you in the background on autopilot. Inexorably compounding the small wins every day until you turn around in a few months’ time and discover you've become an unstoppable juggernaut!

But there’s more…

You only need to start off small. Once the habit is solidly embedded then you can scale it up later if you want. (You just need to know when it’s ok to start scaling things up, and how fast to increase it – I’ll discuss that later)

So you’ll eventually end up with the best of both worlds. Your habits will be big actions and they’ll still give you that incredible acceleration from compounding over time!

Habits Unlock The Door To So Much More…

Gateway to mental training

Most people think that habits are only about helping you practice consistently. That’s certainly what *I* used to think.

But they can do so much more than this.

Habits improve the effectiveness of your practice. And they boost vital areas for musicians which have nothing to do with physical technique.

Your confidence… Your ability to focus… WHO you play with and learn from… What you choose to work on… And much more…

These all have a huge impact on the music you’re capable of playing and your ability to share it with others.

Although those abilities seem to be fixed, carefully designed habits allow you to change them in bigger ways than you’d believe possible.

Here’s just one quick example of other benefits from habits:

Lanny Bassham (a previous Olympic gold medallist who now coaches other athletes) tells the story of a golfer he worked with. Throughout the tournament, this guy calmly followed a set of habits he’d installed with Lanny before every shot he hit.

He became so deeply focused that this didn’t change when he reached the final hole. He didn't even realise he'd sunk the tournament winning putt!

What a great way to use habits to eliminate any feelings of pressure.

This same approach works brilliantly for musicians who struggle with performance nerves. But notice that this is an indirect use of habits! Imagine how much more is possible when you use them directly to boost confidence, focus, and other areas…

You might be wondering:

"That all sounds great... But how can I get all these benefits for myself?"

Well, I’ve combined my years of experience using and teaching habits with the latest research and turned it all into a step-by-step system. Any musician can use this system to accelerate their progress.

Introducing Effortless Habits for Musicians

I’ve put together everything you need to design, install and strengthen the most important habits for you into a course called “Effortless Habits for Musicians”.

It works for any instrument (including singers) and any style of music. Musicians at all levels – from occasional amateurs through to teachers and full-time pro performers – have all taken the material in the course and used it to get outstanding results.

By the end of the course you’ll have implemented your first few habits so they’re already moving your playing forwards every day. And you’ll know how to add more habits quickly and effectively in the future.

Other musicians will be scratching their heads trying to work out how you’ve accelerated your progress so rapidly without seeming to do any extra work. And you’ll have that feeling of satisfaction and certainty from knowing that you’re effortlessly executing on the most important actions EVERY day.

Check out what these musicians have to say about the course:

Photo of Susan Aiello

"Brings up perspectives I'd never thought of before …. Highly recommended"

“Like everything that Mark does, his latest course on Habits is sure to help you develop as a musician.

He brings up perspectives about things that I'd never even thought of before, and he emphasizes an individual approach so that you get the most out of it for you and your goals. Highly recommended.”

- Susan Aiello

"I feel better, and I play better. Better than ever before."

“Just when I crashed yet again and thought that I should stop trying, up jumps Mark Morley-Fletcher with a course on Habits.

So I got involved in the course, and it put me back in the driver's seat. I feel better, and I play better. Better than before, better than ever before. It works if you work it! Thanks, Mark!”

- Carolyn S.-R.

Photo of Darko Stanisic

"So well explained … It’s more than recommended"

“The course is structured so well and gives you an opportunity to acquire habits that build your skills in every aspect of life.

So true and so well said and explained. It’s more than recommended and it could improve your life if you are like me - always thinking how to improve in different aspects.

So good.”

- Darko Stanisic

Could you work all this out on your own?

Maybe. It's possible but I doubt it...

Sure, there’s a ton of general information out there about how to form effective habits – but that’s not what gets you results.

As Derek Sivers says:

“If more information was the answer, then we'd all be billionaires with perfect abs.”

The key to success comes from going through a carefully designed step-by-step process of learning by doing. You need to install the right habits for your music, in the right order.

And you need to avoid the traps that most people fall into:

  • Feel overwhelmed by the number of potential habits and never get started…
  • Build habits that aren’t actually helpful for their music – so they give up because it feels like a waste of time
  • Take on too much to start with – so they give up after a few weeks because it’s too challenging to keep going

The course achieves all this in three stages:

Part 1 – Immediate Results From Essential Habits

In Part 1 you’ll learn the fundamentals of good habit design through the action of installing four key habits. I’ve chosen each habit carefully to have three important properties:

  1. Every musician will benefit from having the habit in place
  2. The process of installing the habit gives the perfect opportunity to learn a key concept by putting it into practice
  3. The habit is straightforward to install and easy to stick with. This means you’ll be successful straight away and feel motivated to go further

(If you already have these habits in place, then going through the lessons will allow you to tune them up. This will make them easier, more effective, and more enjoyable)

This is done in a carefully planned order. Each part builds on the one before to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to learn and apply the concepts.

By the end of this section you’ll have four useful habits already in place and working for you. So you’re guaranteed to get results right from the start.

Here's just a small taste of what’s included:

  • The most powerful reward you can choose to help lock in a habit (it’s free, fast and always available to you in any situation)
  • How to practice each individual component of a solid habit separately and methodically for bulletproof results
  • Why you need to start your habits before you’ve got them planned perfectly (and how to make them perfect later on)
  • How to use two simple habits to identify your most important practice topics and make sure you follow through with working on them
  • A complete template for designing your habits – this makes sure you include all the essential components correctly
  • Why “starter steps” massively increase the success rate of your habits – and how to choose the best one in every case
  • How building a “habit stack” allows you to chain multiple desired behaviours together so that each one effortlessly leads to the next
  • Why having a set time for a habit is usually not a good choice (and what “cue” to use instead)
  • How to find time for hugely effective practice in an already busy schedule

Part 2 – Strengthen, Refine & Amplify Your Habits

Habits live or die by how they work in the real world – not in theory. You can’t expect to get things perfect at the design stage. Instead, you need to put them into practice first and fine tune them later.

In Part 2 you’ll learn a complete system for tracking, reviewing and scaling up your habits. This increases their impacts and makes them easier to stick with in the long run.

As always, the focus is on learning it as you APPLY these ideas.

By the end of this section you’ll have solidified, refined and scaled up the habits you installed in Part 1. Your firm foundation of essential habits will be in place and happening effortlessly on autopilot – no need for you to “do” anything.

Here are a few of the things we'll cover:

  • How many new habits you should start at one time for the fastest progress that sticks in the long run
  • A simple way to monitor your habits that makes them more effective over time
  • How tracking your habits in the right way can make you twice as likely to succeed (and which things you don’t need to track – this stops you wasting time on unnecessary “admin”)
  • When you should start to grow a habit to find the right balance between quick progress and something that sticks in the long-term
  • How long it takes to bed in new habits (and how you can reduce this time with the right strategies)
  • A complete checklist for reviewing and growing your habits step-by-step
  • How to design things so that days when you’re sick, tired, or not in the mood don’t break the habit you’ve carefully been nurturing
  • What you MUST have in place before you grow a habit (if you miss this, then the habit is guaranteed to fail eventually)
  • How to recover when you find you’ve forgotten to perform a new habit you’re learning (this is the difference between a minor setback and total failure)

Part 3 – Your Own “Perfect Habit Portfolio”

Ultimately, you want to select the habits that are most important for your situation. That allows you to carve away the inessential, double down on what matters, and achieve your goals effortlessly through simple repeated actions.

In Part 3 you learn how to choose your own set of desired habits and how to prioritise them. And you’ll see me guide previous students through this process for real in the recording of a live implementation workshop.

By the end of this section you will have a complete step-by-step system for identifying the right new habits to add, designing them to be effective, and implementing so that they stick.

Here's some of what’s included:

  • How to identify simple new habits that will make your practice more efficient and effective EVERY day (forever) – without extra time or effort
  • The 4 key areas to use habits (most people only think about physical practice habits – but there are 3 more important areas that can have massive impacts on your music…)
  • How to generate multiple potential options for habits to reach any goal you have (this method often produces surprising ideas – they’re often the most effective ones!)
  • A simple 3-step process for identifying all the most important areas where habits can help you
  • How to make “generic” habits more specific so that they’re easier to execute and more effective
  • How to stay motivated by selecting an interesting and varied set of habits (this also allows you to learn more quickly exactly what works for you)
  • Why you need to find the right habits for YOU (rather than the absolute “best” choice for everyone). And a simple exercise to do this
  • How to use habits to create more and better playing opportunities
  • How you can use just one new habit to trigger other changes in you automatically

Here's What You’ll Get When You Join The Course Today:

  • Bite-sized video lessons available on-demand as soon as you join. These lessons will teach you the key components that you must have in place for habits to be successful. And they show you how to adjust habits over time to make them easier and more effective.
  • Simple but powerful exercises that you complete after each lesson to install a powerful new habit using the principles you’ve just learned.
  • Complete set of worksheets and checklists. These guide you through every step of designing, implementing, and tracking your new habits. No need to search through the lessons for details. Just fill in the blanks to guarantee that you do all the important steps in exactly the right order.
  • An Implementation Workshop recording. Follow along as I coach previous students through the process of identifying and prioritising the most important habits for them – and apply the process to your own unique situation.

This is the only course I know of that shows you how to apply the incredible power of habits to your music.

The material inside the course has the ability to change the way you play forever. You’ll make faster progress than ever before – while feeling like everything is easier and more fun.

So I reckon $400 would be more than a fair price.

But I believe this is knowledge that every musician deserves to have. So I want to make it available to as many people as possible.

So I’m not even going to charge you a quarter of that. I’m giving you the course for just $99.

That’s about the cost of a couple of music lessons in order to install the simple habits that will improve your music effortlessly on autopilot for years to come.

All you have to do is hit the "Join now" button below to get all of this right now.

Photo of Wayne Nolan

"Shows how quickly you can propel your musical ability"

"I found the course to be particularly helpful in realising the power of the mind. It shows how quickly you can propel your musical ability when you develop the right habits."

- Wayne Nolan

"I have seen improvement in my musical ability and in my enjoyment"

“Mark's Habits course has been of great benefit in my singing practice and in other areas of life. Having the tools to design small habits well and see how they compound over time is very motivating.

I have seen improvement in my musical ability and in my enjoyment of it. I can highly recommend this course to you.”

- Lynda Bayne

Photo of Luca Ravazzolo

"Achieve what seemed impossible …  without even thinking"

“Do you remember thinking about driving this morning and pressing the clutch? Most probably not. It's a habit that has consolidated. At first it takes effort... we have to think about it, we had to mould those synapses to create pathways... with a few focused moments and a little repetition we achieve what seemed impossible.

Mark's course shows us how to use small, constant daily routines to add to our arsenal of techniques until we find ourselves playing fast legato runs (or whatever) without even thinking.

A habit is for life... build small, good habits and you'll sail in the right direction in good company enjoying yourself in the journey of learning.”

- Luca Ravazzolo

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I’ll give it to you with no questions asked.

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I’m offering this guarantee because I’ve seen the impact that following the course has had on hundreds of musicians just like you. I know it works.

I don’t want you to have to wonder whether to invest in yourself. So I’m making it a complete no-brainer for you to try this out.

Signature of Mark Morley-Fletcher - creator of Play In The Zone and Unlock Your Performance

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Julius Erving said: "Being a professional is doing the things you love to do, on the days you don't feel like doing them"

When you get your habits dialled in this will happen automatically without any struggle. You’ll do the work that you need to do to play the music you love… effortlessly and joyfully… every day!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer to your question here? Then contact me.

How long is the course?

This is not a mammoth brain dump of all that you could possibly know about habits. The focus is on giving you only the key information that you need. And showing you how to apply it effectively to your music.

The video lessons that make up the bulk of the course last less than two hours. So you could get through the whole thing very quickly (although you will probably want to review the important parts more than once).

However, the real benefits will come when you put the information into practice. So allow a good amount of practice time to do that. There are also some extra video resources that are optional, but highly recommended if you want to get the most out of the course...

First up is about 45 minutes of screenshare videos. These show you how to use the Habit Design Worksheet and the Habit Review Checklist most effectively.

Then there is also almost an hour and a half of a recorded Implementation Workshop. This is where you can follow along as I coach previous students through applying the lessons in the course to their own individual situations.

Can I go through the course at my own pace?


You get lifetime access to the course. You can go through the lessons at whatever speed you want, and you can revisit them as often as you like in the future.

How do I access the course after signing up?

You will receive INSTANT digital access to the course. After you sign up, you’ll get an email straight away with all your login details and the link to access the dedicated course website.

Which means that just minutes from now you could be well on your way to playing freely from memory...

There's nothing to ship, and you'll have access to all the material for life.

You can access the course on whatever device you prefer. Phone, laptop, tablet etc - they all work just fine.

The lessons are primarily delivered through video, but there’s text instructions and other materials where needed to support the key concepts and exercises.

Is there a guarantee?

Of course.

In fact, when you join Effortless Habits for Musicians, you have a full 30 days to decide whether you want to keep it.

Meaning, you get an entire MONTH to try out all the concepts and exercises for yourself.

If you feel like you’re not getting the benefits that you’d hoped for…

Just send my support team an email and we’ll issue a refund right away. No questions asked and no hassle.

It really is a no-risk offer.

Is the course suitable for me if I'm not an advanced musician?

Using habits is simply a more effective and fun way to learn and improve. It's a strategy that applies to everyone because habits are hardwired into how the human brain works.

So you can apply these concepts to any material you’re working on at any level.

What areas of my music will this help with?

Using habits is an effective approach that you can apply to anything you want to work on. It's not limited to specific areas of music - if you want to improve something then you can use habits to do this!

The course gives you all the tools you need to work out how to apply habits to any area you want. But it also gives you specific examples that you can implement straight away for:

  • Physical practice
  • Planning and reflecting
  • Mindset and self-confidence
  • Connecting and developing relationships with other musicians

Will this help me in other areas besides music?

The course is specifically designed for improving your music – so the examples and exercises all focus on that goal.

However, habits are a powerful tool that you can apply to anything you like. And the course teaches you fundamental principles so that you understand how to leverage habits in any way you want - you're not limited to the examples or areas covered in the course. Once you’ve learned the basics of habit design then you can use those approaches in any area of your life.

Does this overlap with your other courses?

Effortless Habits for Musicians is completely separate to all the other courses available through Play In The Zone (including Unlock Your Performance). There is no overlap.

Also, these courses can be taken in any order. There is no need to complete any other courses before you start Effortless Habits for Musicians.

You’re based in the UK – so why is the price in US dollars?

There are students joining the course from countries all around the world. The US dollar is the currency that’s most familiar globally and so that’s what I use.

"A great course for students of all abilities"

“This a great course for students of all abilities to develop good, consistent practice habits. Mark presents a framework and a process that gives you tools to develop your own practice habit. It's the work of a lifetime but it has to begin somewhere!”

- Simon Nieder

Photo of Greg Geracioti

"Helps overcome issues and develop proper habits"

“Mark's habit course is imperative for developing good habits.

Whether for music or anything else in life, this will help you to overcome imagined discipline issues and get to the heart of developing proper habits.”

- Greg Geracioti

"I found nothing to be trivial … Will transform anyone's playing"

“Mark is a brilliant teacher.  I found nothing he said to be trivial.  Mark's classes will transform anyone's playing.”

- Conrad Schoeffter

Photo of Winfried Jonas

"Change bad habits into good..."

“Dear everybody! If you are ready and willing to change your bad habits into good habits: this course is a good idea!”

- Winfried Jonas

"Helped me climb beyond the plateau where I’d been stuck for a long time"

“I found the Habits course helpful. It’s not about what notes to play, it’s about how to approach learning and practicing. It motivated me to set up a more structured approach to practice, which certainly helped me make progress. It helped me climb beyond an unsatisfying plateau on which I’d been stuck for a long time.”

- Simon Wright

"I enjoyed practice with a deeper understanding!"

“Dear Mark, I can honestly say that I have gained a whole new perspective on the habits course and enjoyed practice with a deeper understanding!”

- Linda Carrick

How do I join Effortless Habits for Musicians right away?

  1. As you can see, there's no buy now button on the page
  2. Once you get on the waiting list I will send you more details
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Julius Erving said: "Being a professional is doing the things you love to do, on the days you don't feel like doing them"

When you get your habits dialled in this will happen automatically without any struggle. You’ll do the work that you need to do to play the music you love… effortlessly and joyfully… every day!

If you're ready to accelerate your progress and discover how much you’re really capable of, then click the button below to get on the waiting list.

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