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The issues that musicians want to improve about their performance typically fall into one of the three categories outlined below. See which ones appeal to you and click on one, two, or all three of the buttons to get stuck in.

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My biggest challenge is...

Dealing with performance anxiety

The first step is to understand what pressure really is, and what your reactions to pressure really mean.

My biggest challenge is...

My performances fall well short of what I'm capable of in practice

There are several different reasons why this happens. The first step to improving things is to learn what those reasons are, and identify which ones apply to you.

My biggest challenge is...

Achieving peak performance

If you want to reach the heights of excellence, then you need to understand what the great performers do differently. Adopting the same approach will bring you great results - whatever level you're at as a musician.

Ultimately, musicians who make the most progress commit to taking action

If you've had a look around and you like the idea of what you've seen here then the next step is to actually DO something with this material.

I believe that you don’t need to spend hours and hours looking to learn more technique, more theory, and more material in order to massively transform your playing.

Rather, you can get much, much more out of what you’ve already got if you acknowledge the power of developing your mindset and working on what goes on inside your head.

This is fantastically helpful for people who struggle with performance anxiety, or who feel like they hold back and “play it safe” rather than achieving what they’re capable of.

The problem is that initial good intentions to do the work often fade very quickly.

If you're keen to take action, then there are two things that will massively increase the chances that you follow through on this:

  • Making some sort of commitment
  • Getting support and accountability

I've set up something for you that will tick both those boxes. Sign up, and I'll send you a series of emails guiding you through the important topics in order with some additional tips over what's on the site. There are simple, specific actions for you to take and enough time for you to digest each topic before we move on to the next.

As part of the tips series, you'll also get a free ebook showing you the 9 key foundational mindsets you need to develop if you want to play like the top performers.

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