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Success Stories

Dive deeper into the journeys of a few Unlock Your Performance students as they share their path to success...

Photo of Skip Phoenix - Unlock Your Performance student

Amateur trumpet player and former Olympic diver. He found himself performing pieces he wouldn’t have dreamed of playing before.

Photo of Claudia Landell - Unlock Your Performance student

Bluegrass violinist. After five weeks of training her mind she played her first gig as a bandleader. She performed at her highest level and the band got hired for three more gigs.

Photo of Jonathan Shacklock - Unlock Your Performance student

Pedal steel guitarist – playing in bands alongside working a full-time job. He’d lost the joy that he used to get from playing gigs… but was able to find it again when he started working on his inner game.

Photo of Hasse Tang - Unlock Your Performance student

Drummer and teacher whose love of music was spoiled by intense self-criticism when he performed for others. Working on his limiting beliefs freed him up to get a whole lot more joy from playing music.

Photo of Karen Ott - Unlock Your Performance student

Amateur folk musician playing mountain dulcimer and violin. She gave up playing in public after a failure caused by nerves… but she did the work to overcome this and enjoy performing again.

Photo of Nino Wenger - Unlock Your Performance student

Jazz saxophonist who was frustrated by inconsistent performances. Simply doing more technical practice didn't help, but he found that training his mind allowed him to stop fighting himself and play the music he'd been dreaming of.

Photo of John Davidson - Unlock Your Performance student

Operatic tenor whose confidence had been shattered by a serious memory slip in a past performance. He rebuilt his self-belief and returned to the same venue to overwrite the old memories of failure.

Photo of Wolfgang Franz - Unlock Your Performance student

Guitar teacher and occasional performer. He pushed past performance nerves and doubts about his musical ability and went on to play his first solo concert.

Photo of Steve Bennett - Unlock Your Performance student

Jazz and blues guitarist – playing regular gigs. He was happy with how he played in practice but never managed to hit the same levels in performance… until he started deliberately training his mind.