The Power of Focus

Have you ever had a gig where you found it easy to lose yourself in the music? Maybe it was just a short section of one tune. Concentration was effortless. External distractions faded into the background. Self-criticism and self-doubt were strangely absent as your focus was entirely on the music.

How did you feel that performance went? How much did you enjoy it?

Chances are that your answers are very positive in both cases.

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How to Play Better (While Trying Less)

Does this sound at all familiar? You’re up on stage performing something you know you’re capable of playing well. But, tonight, it seems as though it’s not quite there.

You’re hanging on so far, but it feels as though things might fall apart at any point.

You’re not going to let this happen.

You focus harder. You TRY harder. It doesn’t help.

In fact, it’s almost as though it’s making it worse…

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How To Boost Your Performance Confidence (Without Doing Any Extra Practice)

Photo illustrating music confidence and self belief

How many times have you passed up an opportunity because you weren’t sure you were good enough?

You didn’t get up to play at a jam session once you heard how “good” the other players were. Or you missed the chance to really put yourself forward for a possible gig and found yourself talking down your abilities instead.

Or maybe you went and did it, but spent the whole time worrying that you weren’t good enough. Constantly wondering what the other musicians and the audience thought of you.

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