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Thanks for joining Memorise Music Quickly & Reliably!

I'm really looking forward to helping you make massive strides forward with playing from memory.

But first...  check your inbox.

You should find a few emails with purchase details, receipts and the like. There are three emails in total for the Memorise Music Quickly & Reliably course (you may have more if you added any other products to your purchase):

  • One welcoming email
  • One email giving you the link to login to the Memorising Music course
  • One receipt for your purchase

The welcome email is sent from me - Mark Morley-Fletcher. The login email is sent from ThriveCart and has the subject line: "Verify your email to access your courses"

If you don't see them, check your junk mail.

If you haven't received them within 30 minutes or so, then email my support team and we'll sort it out: [email protected]

If you can't wait to start the course and don't want to wait for the email, you can go straight to the login page at https://courses.playinthezone.com/ and use the "Forgot your password?" option to set up your account.

Top Tip

People who go through the course together with a friend tend to get much better results.

Who else could you do this course with?

To make it easy for them to join, I've created a page where they can get the course for half price -- simply because you've recommended them: https://playinthezone.com/mmqr-friend-discount/

(Feel free to invite as many people as you like)

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