Unlocks Faster Progress For Your Music

The tools that the best in the world use to train their minds and explore the boundaries of what's possible are available to you as well.

In this short, but powerful guide you will learn:

  • The 9 key mindsets that the top musicians all share – regardless of instrument or genre
  • How they hold the secret to playing your best every time, and why you can't get this sort of improvement through "normal" practice  
  • The one thing most musicians are unaware of that's probably restricting your current performances
  • How to make a huge leap forward with your music (without working on technique at all)
  • How to apply the mindsets to your own music - and then measure your progress using a simple checklist

What others are saying...

Photo of Brent Vaartstra from Learn Jazz Standards

Mark is an incredible educator

Mark is an incredible educator, and combining his background in analytics and his interest in performance psychology, delivers some incredible tips and tricks for your progress.

BRENT VAARTSTRA  //  Creator of LearnJazzStandards.com

Photo of Larry Williams - saxophonist and Unlock Your Performance student

The 9 mindsets guide has transformed my playing virtually overnight

Just a line or two to say: THANK YOU SO-O-O-O MUCH!!! Your emails, youtube videos, and of course the 9 key mindsets guide has transformed my playing virtually overnight.
You are truly a god-send to me. . .

LARRY WILLIAMS  //  Saxophonist - USA

You helped me so much

I want to say a huge thank you for sending me all these emails. I go to many competitions in a year but I am not very self confident and I am learning to enjoy playing music and telling a story to the audience. You helped me so so much and I grew incredibly good with you . These emails have taught me more than anyone. Thank you so much from all of my heart.


I've seen a huge improvement in my enjoyment levels of playing and performing

I used to think that you're either musical or you're not. And that's something I always thought that I didn't have. But I discovered that you can work on that, and you can get better with practice. I've seen a huge improvement in my enjoyment levels of playing and performing, which is something I never thought I would ever be able to do.

SARAH GALLAGHER  //  Singer-songwriter - UK

Photo of Charles Benoit - saxophonist and Practice Multiplier student

I've asked every member of my band to sign up

Again and again, I found myself saying, "Of course! It's so obvious!" but obviously it wasn't. And that's usually a sign that you've just learned something fundamental, valuable and true. I've been so inspired that I've asked every member of my band to sign up as well.

CHARLES BENOIT  //  Saxophonist - USA

Photo of Anne Palonen - Practice Multiplier student

I love the advice in Mark's lessons

I love the advice and practical attitude in Mark's lessons. These lessons gave me a new attitude, peace and much help to my practicing. I did not think that miracles happen in two weeks, but I still got much more than I expected. Perhaps that is a little miracle. Thank you, Mark!

ANNE PALONEN  //  Bassonist - Finland

Photo of Rosco Bell - guitarist and Unlock Your Performance student

I went from thinking I should be a better musician to believing I can be a better musician

One thing that impressed me about Mark’s approach is that it is based on scientific research into how the brain works. He teaches methods that are used by high performance athletes as well as world-class musicians to achieve their maximum potential. In six weeks I went from thinking I should be a better musician to believing I can be a better musician. If I can do it, so can anyone. It’s never too late to change!

ROSCO BELL  //  Guitarist - Canada


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Meet your instructor

Picture of Mark Morley-Fletcher, creator of Play In The Zone

Hi, I’m Mark Morley-Fletcher – a jazz guitarist and educator who specializes in training the frequently overlooked skills and mindsets that are a huge part of rapid improvement and outstanding performances.

I’m particularly interested in how musicians can benefit from techniques used by peak performers in sport and other fields to perform more consistently and enjoyably. And I’ve helped over a thousand musicians at all levels and across all instruments reach new heights through my courses on Performance Psychology and Effective Practice.

Shouldn't playing music be fun and fulfilling rather than a source of anxiety and frustration?

Discover how investing a small amount of time in developing your mindset has the power to transform your experience.