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Play Your Favourite Songs By Heart - Anytime, Anywhere

This free video training reveals how to memorize music much faster... And play fearlessly and effortlessly from memory.

It's not about 'talent' - but how the human brain works. So this will work for you even if you've struggled with memorizing in the past.

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For all styles of music, all instruments, and all levels of playing.

What's in the training?

This isn’t one of those things where the 'training' just turns out to be a sales pitch with no value.

Instead, you get the full, complete first two lessons from my premium Memorise Music Quickly & Reliably course. These are the core foundational lessons of the course. And they include all the practical exercises - nothing's been taken out.

Thousands of students have happily paid $69 to join the course -- but you get these lessons for free.

You'll discover:

  • Why you need all 3 stages of memorising (Encoding, Consolidation, and Retrieval)
  • How to train the Encoding stage to lay solid foundations for flawless future recall
  • How breaking the music down into “chunks” allows you to memorise more quickly, easily and securely
  • The one big mistake most musicians make when it comes to memorising new pieces
  • Specific exercises to put the principles of Encoding into practice with any new piece you choose to learn
  • And plenty more...

What others are saying...

Photo of Tricia Koury - Memorising Music Quickly & Reliably student

"Worked a treat. I’m now playing completely from memory"

"This has worked a treat. I’m now playing Canon in D piano duet, primo. completely from memory. All I'm missing is a duet partner.

My sister, who's played piano all her life (me about 3 years) could never memorise a piece: I am proud to say I am teaching her.

Thankyou Mark, you have ticked all the boxes..."


"Would have taken me months but I was able to memorise it within a couple of weeks"

"A really excellent course. I was able to memorise a Chopin Nocturne and a jazz standard using the techniques in the course.

The Nocturne would have taken me months to learn but I was able to memorise it within a couple of weeks which was amazing. Although, I have a pretty good knowledge of the structure of memory, your organised and systematic approach was very helpful."


Photo of Vincent Cousins - pianist and Practice Multiplier student

"I can learn music easier, faster and far more reliably"

"Although I could memorise pieces before doing the course, having done the course I can learn music easier, faster and far more reliably whether playing from memory or sheet music.

The course has boosted my confidence and competence to just sit and play with enjoyment. Thank you Mark."


Photo of Elaine Bailey - Practice Multiplier student

"Within weeks I am memorising music I would never have dared try before"

"Mark's course came along at just the right time to help me understand the workings of my memory and how I could make the process of memorising music much easier and less stressful.

I really enjoyed the course and the results are quite amazing; within a few weeks I am memorising music that I would never have dared try before. Another cracking course from Mark that I would highly recommend."


"Having never played a piece from memory, I was unsure about my chance of success"

"Having never played a piece from memory, I was unsure about my chance of success with this goal.

The first lesson set my mind at ease, because it got right into the techniques that we would use and the reasons they work. I had always thought repetition would do the job and it hadn't.

It took work to implement Mark's program, but it was effective. I memorized a 4-minute solo and performed it (with piano accompaniment) in public. Since I didn't have to look at the score, I could focus on expressiveness and connecting with the audience."



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Meet your instructor

Picture of Mark Morley-Fletcher, creator of Play In The Zone

Hi, I’m Mark Morley-Fletcher – a jazz guitarist and educator who specializes in training the frequently overlooked skills and mindsets that are a huge part of rapid improvement and outstanding performances.

I’m particularly interested in how musicians can benefit from techniques used by peak performers in sport and other fields to perform more consistently and enjoyably. And I’ve helped over a thousand musicians at all levels and across all instruments reach new heights through my courses on Performance Psychology and Effective Practice.

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