Become a better musician in just 5 minutes a day...

One of the most common complaints I hear is that people simply don't have enough time to do the practice that they feel they need to.

Or, occasionally, that they have the time... But they can't bring themselves to sit down and stay focused for long enough to make real progress.

What if I told you that you could make rapid progress only practising for five minutes a day?

Are you suddenly going to become the next musical superstar practising like this?

Of course not.

There isn't any magic 'easy button' that everyone else has missed. You'll still have to put in large chunks of practice on a regular basis if you want to reach the very top.

But if you want to go big, then this approach allows you to keep up the forward momentum on days when you can't manage your normal longer practice session.

And if you just want to make solid respectable progress in minimal time and effort then this gives you the ability to do exactly that. Whether you stick to literally just five minutes a day... Or you're able to find several five minute 'pockets' of time scattered randomly throughout the day.

 What I've got for you today is a simple and practical way to to be much more targeted, efficient, and effective in your practice than the vast majority of people out there. So that you make significant amounts of progress in whatever time you have.

You're not going to become a world-beater. But you absolutely can make way more progress than you expect.

Introducing: Big Wins From Tiny Practice Sessions

This is an hour-long workshop recording that shares my full step-by-step process for creating a short, powerful practice routine that you can use on days where you don't have time for a full-length session.

It includes a complete set of practical exercises that you'll use to design your own personalised "Power Practice" routine.

Plus, you'll see me coach a small group of musicians through adapting this to their own individual situations. (Hearing the exact questions I ask them is invaluable for creating any type of practice routine -- not just a shortened version)

I normally charge $250 to give individual coaching like this live. But I think this is a foundational skill that every musician deserves to have in their toolkit.

So I'm not even going to charge you a quarter of that price. You can get instant access today for just $20.

That's a fraction of the cost of a single music lesson to save time and make faster progress with your music... Forever.

Click the button below to get lifetime access to the workshop recording.

Get the "Big Wins From Tiny Practice Sessions" workshop for just $20

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I feel a bit ridiculous offering a guarantee when I’m selling all this for such a crazy price. But it’s really important to me that you succeed. So...

Buy the training, implement it, and experience better results or get a full refund. Just email me at [email protected] within 30 days and ask for your money back.

Mark Morley-Fletcher

What people are saying about courses from Play In The Zone

Photo of Charles Benoit - saxophonist and Practice Multiplier student

"I saw more concrete progress in the first week than I’d seen in months. Maybe years."

"While the 20 years of practice before Practice Multiplier weren't wasted, they could've been FAR more productive if I'd had this course to guide me. I saw more concrete, measurable progress in the first week of the course than I'd seen in months. Maybe years.

I have taken many different online saxophone courses (the usual suspects) and gained something from each. This course, however, has done more for me in a week and half then they did in a month. Truly transformational.

I've been so inspired by this course that I've asked every member of my band to sign up as well."

CHARLES BENOIT // Saxophonist - USA

Photo of Hilda Henderson - pianist and Unlock Your Performance student

"In just two weeks the results are obvious"

"The Practice Multiplier course is a revelation into how to practice. You might go what???? I practice every day. But in just two weeks I have revised, planned, recorded and focussed on my practice in ways I've never done before, and the results are obvious. The benefits are exciting and rewarding."

PURLY HENDERSON  //  Pianist - Australia

Photo of John Towell - cellist and True Musical Potential Roadmap student

"I had so many insights [...] I highly recommend this course to all musicians"

"I was struggling to maintain my practice, and especially my regular improvement. Every lesson of the True Musical Potential Roadmap course was practically written for me! I had so many insights, from why I was playing the cello in the first place, to why I always played really badly in lessons and in the concerts.

Mark Morley-Fletcher is both a psychologist and a musician, and his take on research, his explanations, and even his stories, were of tremendous value to me. Thank you so much, Mark. I can highly recommend this course to all musicians, whatever they play (or sing)."

JOHN TOWELL // Cellist - UK

Photo of Larry Williams - saxophonist and Unlock Your Performance student

"Opened my mind to another whole world of potential"

"There is an adage: 'you don't know what you don't know'. This is certainly the place I was when it comes to the knowledge set forth in the TMPR course. The information and exercises opened my mind to another whole world of potential when it comes to being a valuable, well-rounded musician. The TMPR course broadened my perspective and opened new horizons for my musical endeavours. I recommended this course to all my musician friends. I tell them, 'it couldn't hurt' (an under-statement!)"

LARRY WILLIAMS  //  Saxophonist

Get the "Big Wins From Tiny Practice Sessions" workshop for just $20

Secure Checkout. 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.
Prices in US Dollars. One-time payment. No rebills.