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How To Play Your Best Every Time

If you’re open to the idea that your thoughts can influence your performances, then read on…

If you’ve landed on this page, then I’m guessing that you love to play music.

But the chances are that you also struggle to stay connected with this love when you perform for others.

Maybe you get nervous, and this turns what should be fun into a horrid experience… Maybe you’re wildly inconsistent… Or you just can’t seem to produce the levels in performance that you can in practice… Or maybe you just know that you can do even better and you’re looking for a way to up your game.

Over the next few pages, I want to show you how you can completely revolutionise the way you think about performing music.

What I’m about to set out is a simple but comprehensive system that I’ve used with 1000s of students that nearly always transforms their playing… and massively improves their enjoyment of performing.

It’s not a substitute for “traditional” music practice. But it adds vital things that you simply can’t get from physical practice alone. So, as long as you’ve got some fundamental technique already, I guarantee this will work for you.

You do need to be willing to put in a reasonable amount of work to start with. But, once that’s done, just a few minutes of maintenance work a day will give you results that last a lifetime.

Ready? Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  1. Why “Normal” Practice Doesn’t Help Performance
  2. Build Solid Self-Belief
  3. Get Off To The Perfect Start
  4. Get Into The Zone
  5. Make Sure You’re Prepared For Challenges
  6. Put The Complete System Into Practice

Let’s begin. It’s time to show you the missing ingredient for a great performance…

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