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This Black Friday I want to make sure I’ve got something incredibly valuable for you.

So I’ve put together a big bundle of some of my most popular courses… And priced them at a massive discount.

This means you can get the help you need to accelerate your music in both practice and performance… without breaking the bank.


Here’s what’s included

Memorise Music Quickly & Reliably ($69 value)

There’s something seriously impressive about watching musicians play effortlessly and confidently without any music in front of them.

But it’s not just about the appearance of accomplishment. Playing from memory actually frees up a large part of your brainpower which no longer needs to worry about reading the music. This means you have more resources available to connect to the music and to interact with the other musicians. So you can express yourself more freely, be more “musical” and enjoy your playing more as a result.

But a lot of people miss out on this because it feels incredibly slow to memorise music. Or because they’re worried about experiencing memory slips when things really matter. I want to change all that…

This course gives you all the practical instructions necessary to memorise music quickly so that it sticks in the long-term. And so that you can rely on it in even the biggest performances. 

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 Visualisation for Musicians ($99 value)

Visualisation has been one of the secrets of the top performers throughout history. But it was hardly ever discussed… let alone taught. If you wanted to be successful you had to discover and master it for yourself.


I wanted to change that because visualisation has so much to offer anyone who plays music: Improved focus and accelerated learning when you practice… Playing consistently at your best in performance… And much more.

So I’ve put together a course that walks you through how to transform your music with visualisation. It’s accessible for busy people who can’t dedicate hours a day to this - guided audio tracks for all the key exercises mean all you have to do is lie back, listen and follow along. Or there’s a whole suite of more advanced training for those who want to put in the time and effort to master this area.

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Effortless Habits for Musicians ($99 value)

Researchers estimate that 40% to 50% of the actions you take every day are down to habit. That’s a huge amount of untapped potential. When you design your habits correctly you’ll free up all sorts of ways to make rapid progress - even if you feel that you don’t have time for music practice.

This course gives you a step-by-step process to implement new habits that move your playing forwards every day. It’s focused on practical and important actions so you get the big wins quickly. And we’ll do it in a way that means the results stick over time.

Other musicians will be confused by the fact that you’re making faster progress without seeming to do any extra work. And you’ll have that feeling of satisfaction and certainty from knowing that you’re effortlessly executing on the most important actions EVERY day.

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JUST ADDED! - Additional bonus...

Hack Your Practice Brain ("priceless")

This exclusive hour-long workshop gives you my best advice on how to practice so that you take advantage of the way your brain is wired rather than having to fight against it.

These are tips that you can apply in a matter of seconds – but which will save you hours of practice time. You'll discover:

  • What you need to do BEFORE any practice session to make it as productive as possible
  • How to get the most benefit when you only have limited time to practice
  • Why practice sessions that feel really productive at the time can be ineffective in the long-term (and vice-versa)
  • Why you need both extremely fast and extremely slow practice (and when to use each one)
  • And much more...

The workshop is quite literally “priceless” since I’ve never made it available separately before. So take advantage of this opportunity to get it for free – I may never offer it again.

Here’s what Jacqui said after getting Hack Your Practice Brain as a bonus with my $400 Unlock Your Performance course:

"Mark, I can't tell how useful I found the Hack Your Practice Brain workshop.... ideas that I've been wrestling with for ages and you come along and just lay everything out with such clarity. Thank you, thank you. I already feel that I've had my money's worth!"

And here are Razvan's comments:

"This workshop was definitely a bad ass! Everything you said there has been confirmed either before or after watching it and trying to see if it works. It showed that I could play certain things at almost twice the speed I was practising at and considering to be my limit. It's a major breakthrough to come to this conclusion."

Here’s Everything You Get In This Special Deal:

  • Memorise Music Quickly & Effectively – $69
  • Visualisation for Musicians – $99
  • Effortless Habits for Musicians – $99
  • EXTRA BONUS: Hack Your Practice Brain workshop – "priceless"

If you were to buy all of that separately, it would cost you $267.

(Except you can't buy the Hack Your Practice Brain workshop separately... The only way to get it is through this bundle)

If I were to give it to you for $200 then it would still be a bargain.

But I’m not going to charge you that much. In fact, I’m not even going to charge you HALF of that.

I’m going to give it to you for just $89. That’s a saving of $178 – a discount of more than 2/3 off the full price.

There's no "start date" for any of these courses. You're free to begin them whenever you want - and you get lifetime access.

So it's not a problem if you're short of time right now. You can grab this massive discount while it's available... and do the courses later.


Join Now – Completely Risk Free

I feel a bit ridiculous offering a guarantee when I’m selling all this for such a crazy price. But it’s really important to me that you succeed. So...

Buy the training, implement it, and experience better results or get a full refund. Just email me at [email protected] within 30 days and ask for your money back.

Mark Morley-Fletcher

Get The Exclusive Black Friday Bundle For Just $89 (Save $178!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any testimonials?

Absolutely! Just scroll down the page to find lots of them...

When do the courses start?

The courses start whenever you like! You can go through them at whatever time suits you best. There’s no need to join in with an official start date or lesson schedule.

How long do I have access to the courses?

You get lifetime access to all the courses. You don’t have to worry about finishing them before a deadline. And you can go back through them whenever you want in the future.

Plus, you automatically get free access to any improvements and upgrades that I add later.

What format are the lessons in?

The courses are delivered via on-demand video lessons. Each course is split up into several separate lessons with further supporting materials where appropriate (e.g. audios, pdfs, etc). You get immediate access to the course website with all the lessons and resources when you join the bundle.

What instruments do the courses work for?

The courses work for all instruments (including singers). And they work for all styles of music.

Are the courses suitable for me if I'm not an advanced musician?

The courses teach a selection of fundamental principles that you can use to accelerate your progress.

You can apply these concepts to any material you’re working on at any level.

(If you are literally just starting out and still learning to get a sound out of your instrument then maybe not ideal. But anything after that should be fine if you are serious about improving your music).

Is there a guarantee?

Of course.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, just send my support team an email within the first 30 days and we’ll issue a refund right away.

Why is the price in US dollars when you’re based in the UK?

There are students joining the courses from countries all around the world. The US dollar is the currency that’s most familiar globally and so that’s what I use.

What people are saying about these courses

Memorise Music Quickly & Reliably

"Would have taken me months but I was able to memorise it within a couple of weeks"

"A really excellent course. I did the course over a few days and also listened to your Q & A and was able to memorise a Chopin Nocturne and a jazz standard using the techniques in the course.

The Nocturne would have taken me months to learn but I was able to memorise it within a couple of weeks which was amazing. Although, I have a pretty good knowledge of the structure of memory, your organised and systematic approach was very helpful."


Photo of Tricia Koury - Memorising Music Quickly & Reliably student

"Worked a treat. I’m now playing completely from memory"

"Used to try and memorise a piece starting from beginning. I now break it down choosing short excerpts, mark what I consider to be triggers, etc. Play a couple of times, close up the book, then play from memory.

This has worked a treat. I’m now playing Canon in D piano duet, primo. completely from memory. All I'm missing is a duet partner.

My sister, who's played piano all her life (me about 3 years) could never memorise a piece: I am proud to say I am teaching her.

Thankyou Mark, you have ticked all the boxes..."


Visualisation for Musicians

Photo of Christoph Ploner - guitarist and Practice Multiplier student

"In terms of effort/benefit ratio this course really pays off!"

“Visualisation for Musicians is rooted in performance psychology and neuroscience. Mark gives you tools to implement visualization routines for practice and performance that really work. I myself benefitted hugely from his instructions for constructing a “Highlights Reel” that I now use every morning before I practice (and which by the way is a great way to start your day…).

In terms of effort/benefit ratio this course really pays off! The more so as the exercises and methods of this course can also be applied to many other recreational and professional purposes. I highly recommend it!”

CHristoph Ploner // Guitarist

Photo of Jocelyne Lavoie

"It's easy to do. Brilliant! I Love It!"

"What I loved about Visualization for Musicians is that we had a choice to work either on:
Skill Development
Improve Performance
Motivation and Planning

My weakest link at the time was the motivation part. I would play a few days in a row and when I was getting good I would sabotage myself and stopped playing for a while. When I picked up again, I was back to square one.

With the Visualization, I made a plan, visualized my plan, and kept going ever since. It's easy to do because Mark has even given me some guided audio tracks to work with. Brilliant! I Love It!"


Effortless Habits for Musicians

Photo of Susan Aiello

"Brings up perspectives I'd never thought of before …. Highly recommended"

“Like everything that Mark does, his latest course on Habits is sure to help you develop as a musician.

He brings up perspectives about things that I'd never even thought of before, and he emphasizes an individual approach so that you get the most out of it for you and your goals. Highly recommended.”


"I have seen improvement in my musical ability and in my enjoyment"

“Mark's Habits course has been of great benefit in my singing practice and in other areas of life. Having the tools to design small habits well and see how they compound over time is very motivating.

I have seen improvement in my musical ability and in my enjoyment of it. I can highly recommend this course to you.”

Lynda Bayne  

Get The Exclusive Black Friday Bundle For Just $89 (Save $178!)