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Save $300 With This Black Friday Deal

A few weeks ago I asked people one simple question…

What can I teach that would really help you?

The response was immense. My inbox was flooded with SO... MANY... GREAT... IDEAS.

But it left me with a problem:

Which one should I start with?

I simply couldn’t decide. Until I realised… I didn’t have to choose!

Black Friday provided the perfect opportunity to create several new courses at once… and offer them to you at a massive discount.

I’ve also decided to throw in a couple of my most-loved existing courses. So that you can get the help you need to accelerate your music in both practice and performance… without breaking the bank.


Here’s what’s included part 1: 

Old favourites…

Practice Multiplier ($99 value)

Practice Multiplier shows you how to get more progress from less practice time.

It’s focused entirely on practical actions that produce results. You get one lesson each day with a quick and simple exercise you can apply in just a few minutes. By the end of the 2 weeks, you’ll have made small but significant changes that massively improve the results that you get from your practice… now, and into the future.

Click this link if you want the full details (Opens in new tab)

True Musical Potential Roadmap ($30 value)

True Musical Potential Roadmap makes sure that you’re focusing on the things that really make a difference to your music.

In the first lessons you’ll discover the importance of key areas that musicians often overlook. Then the final lesson walks you through a step-by-step process to identify the most important area for YOU right now, and create YOUR perfect roadmap as a result.

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BONUS: True Musical Potential Roadmap “private coaching” recordings ($17 value)

Sit in on exclusive private sessions where I coach musicians to apply the insights from the Roadmap to their own unique situations. You’ll see the exact questions I ask to help them achieve total clarity and then turn this into a step-by-step plan to accelerate their progress.

These normally sell for $17. But they’re worth WAY more than that… To get this amount of coaching from me yourself would cost over $200 at my usual hourly rate.


The Practice Multiplier and True Musical Potential Roadmap courses are both delivered via email. When you buy them as part of this Black Friday deal you get to choose when to start each course. So you can buy now and use each one whenever suits you best.

Here’s what’s included part 2: 

Brand-new courses…

Accelerate Your Progress Using Habits ($99 value)

Researchers estimate that 40% to 50% of the actions you take every day are down to habit. That’s a huge amount of untapped potential. When you design your habits correctly you’ll free up all sorts of ways to make rapid progress - even if you feel that you don’t have time for music practice.

This course gives you a step-by-step process to implement new habits that move your playing forwards every day. It’s focused on practical and important actions so you get the big wins quickly. And we’ll do it in a way that means the results stick over time.

Other musicians will be confused by the fact that you’re making faster progress without seeming to do any extra work. And you’ll have that feeling of satisfaction and certainty from knowing that you’re effortlessly executing on the most important actions EVERY day.

Better Practice And Performance From Visualisation ($85 value)

Visualisation has been one of the secrets of the top performers throughout history. But it was hardly ever discussed… let alone taught. If you wanted to be successful you had to discover and master it for yourself.


I wanted to change that because visualisation has so much to offer anyone who plays music: Improved focus and accelerated learning when you practice… Playing consistently at your best in performance… And much more.

So I’ve put together a course that walks you through how to transform your music with visualisation. It’s accessible for busy people who can’t dedicate hours a day to this - guided audio tracks for all the key exercises mean all you have to do is lie back, listen and follow along. Or there’s a whole suite of more advanced training for those who want to put in the time and effort to master this area.

Memorise Music Quickly And Reliably ($69 value)

There’s something seriously impressive about watching musicians play effortlessly and confidently without any music in front of them.

But it’s not just about the appearance of accomplishment. Playing from memory actually frees up a large part of your brainpower which no longer needs to worry about reading the music. This means you have more resources available to connect to the music and to interact with the other musicians. So you can express yourself more freely, be more “musical” and enjoy your playing more as a result.

But a lot of people miss out on this because it feels incredibly slow to memorise music. Or because they’re worried about experiencing memory slips when things really matter. I want to change all that…

This course gives you all the practical instructions necessary to memorise music quickly so that it sticks in the long-term. And so that you can rely on it in even the biggest performances. 

YOU Get To Shape These New Courses

One of the most valuable things about the new courses is that they’re not finished yet.

That may seem like a drawback – but it’s actually a massive positive. Because YOU get to shape how they turn out.

I know from past experience that some of the best parts of my most successful courses were added following suggestions from the early students.

So I’ll be listening closely to your feedback and improving things in real-time. You get lifetime access to these courses - including all improvements and upgrades that I add later.

Plus, I’ll be running a separate live group call for each course where I’ll help you put the concepts into practice and you can ask me questions. (That’s THREE live calls in total)

This is your chance to get the most out of the new courses. If you join them later you’ll still be getting a great product… But if you join now I’ll be designing them exclusively for you.

Here’s Everything You Get In This Special Deal:

  • Practice Multiplier – $99
  • True Musical Potential Roadmap – $30
  • TMPR coaching sessions – $17
  • Habits course (including live call) – $99
  • Visualisation course (including live call) – $85
  • Memorisation course (including live call) – $69

If you were to buy all of that separately, it would cost you $399.

If I were to give it to you for $200 then it would still be a bargain.

But I’m not going to charge you that much. In fact, I’m not even going to charge you HALF of that...

I’m going to give it to you for just $99. That’s a saving of $300 – a discount of 75% off the full price.

There's no "start date" for any of these courses. You're free to begin them whenever you want - and you get lifetime access.

So it's not a problem if you're short of time right now. You can grab this massive discount while it's available... and do the courses later.

JUST ADDED! - Additional bonus...

If you grab the bundle you'll get the chance to win one of three hour-long coaching sessions with me. (These normally cost $150 each)

If you win one of the coaching sessions you can use it whenever you want... and we can cover any topics you like.

I will be drawing the three winners at random on Tuesday 30th November.

Good luck!


Join Now – Completely Risk Free

I feel a bit ridiculous offering a guarantee when I’m selling all this for such a crazy price. But it’s really important to me that you succeed. So...

Buy the training, implement it, and experience better results or get a full refund. Just email me at within 30 days and ask for your money back.

Mark Morley-Fletcher

Get The Exclusive Black Friday Bundle For Just $99 (Save $300!)

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the courses start?

The courses start whenever you like! You can go through them at whatever time suits you best. There’s no need to join in with an official start date or lesson schedule.

How long do I have access to the courses?

You get lifetime access to all the courses. You don’t have to worry about finishing them before a deadline. And you can go back through them whenever you want in the future.

Plus, you automatically get free access to any improvements and upgrades that I add later.

What format are the lessons in?

Practice Multiplier and True Musical Potential Roadmap are delivered via email. One email lesson per day (for a week in the case of TMPR. For two weeks in the case of PM). The lessons have links to additional resources like audios, videos and pdfs.

The new courses on Habits, Visualisation and Memorisation are delivered via on-demand video lessons. Each course is split up into several separate lessons with further supporting materials where appropriate (e.g. audios, pdfs, etc). You get immediate access to the course website with all the lessons and resources when you join the bundle.

What instruments do the courses work for?

The courses work for all instruments (including singers). And they work for all styles of music.

Are the courses suitable for me if I'm not an advanced musician?

The courses teach a selection of fundamental principles that you can use to accelerate your progress.

You can apply these concepts to any material you’re working on at any level.

(If you are literally just starting out and still learning to get a sound out of your instrument then maybe not ideal. But anything after that should be fine if you are serious about improving your music).

Is there a guarantee?

Of course.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, just send my support team an email within the first 30 days and we’ll issue a refund right away.

Why is the price in US dollars when you’re based in the UK?

There are students joining the courses from countries all around the world. The US dollar is the currency that’s most familiar globally and so that’s what I use.

What people are saying about these courses

Photo of Charles Benoit - saxophonist and Practice Multiplier student

"I saw more concrete progress in the first week than I’d seen in months. Maybe years."

"While the 20 years of practice before Practice Multiplier weren't wasted, they could've been FAR more productive if I'd had this course to guide me. I saw more concrete, measurable progress in the first week of the course than I'd seen in months. Maybe years.

I have taken many different online saxophone courses (the usual suspects) and gained something from each. This course, however, has done more for me in a week and half then they did in a month. Truly transformational.

I've been so inspired by this course that I've asked every member of my band to sign up as well."

CHARLES BENOIT // Saxophonist - USA

Photo of Hilda Henderson - pianist and Unlock Your Performance student

"In just two weeks the results are obvious"

"The Practice Multiplier course is a revelation into how to practice. You might go what???? I practice every day. But in just two weeks I have revised, planned, recorded and focussed on my practice in ways I've never done before, and the results are obvious. The benefits are exciting and rewarding."

PURLY HENDERSON  //  Pianist - Australia

Photo of John Towell - cellist and True Musical Potential Roadmap student

"I had so many insights [...] I highly recommend this course to all musicians"

"I was struggling to maintain my practice, and especially my regular improvement. Every lesson of the True Musical Potential Roadmap course was practically written for me! I had so many insights, from why I was playing the cello in the first place, to why I always played really badly in lessons and in the concerts.

Mark Morley-Fletcher is both a psychologist and a musician, and his take on research, his explanations, and even his stories, were of tremendous value to me. Thank you so much, Mark. I can highly recommend this course to all musicians, whatever they play (or sing)."

JOHN TOWELL // Cellist - UK

Photo of Larry Williams - saxophonist and Unlock Your Performance student

"Opened my mind to another whole world of potential"

"There is an adage: 'you don't know what you don't know'. This is certainly the place I was when it comes to the knowledge set forth in the TMPR course. The information and exercises opened my mind to another whole world of potential when it comes to being a valuable, well-rounded musician. The TMPR course broadened my perspective and opened new horizons for my musical endeavours. I recommended this course to all my musician friends. I tell them, 'it couldn't hurt' (an under-statement!)"

LARRY WILLIAMS  //  Saxophonist

Here’s What’s Included In The New Courses

Habits Course

  • How to identify simple new habits that will make your practice more efficient and effective EVERY day (forever) – without extra time or effort
  • How to identify the BAD habits that are currently holding you back and remove them – so that you unleash faster progress automatically
  • How to use habits to improve your motivation to practice – make it easier to get effective work done without needing to apply willpower
  • The secret to designing habits that stick in the long-term
  • The 4 areas of habits that can make a difference (most people only think about physical practice habits – but there are 3 more important areas…)
  • How to find space for effective practice sessions in an already busy schedule full of other demands on your time
  • A worksheet for planning out your new habits and implementing them correctly
  • A diagnostic to help you determine the most important habits for YOU to implement/remove – so that you get the most impact and don’t waste time on the wrong things
  • A checklist of good habits to implement – I’ve done the work for you, you just have to pick the ones that fit your situation…
  • A weird way that you can increase your confidence and self-belief using habits
  • How to use habits to identify the most important things for you to work on in practice and make sure you DO focus on them
  • How to use habits to create more and better playing opportunities
  • An exclusive live Implementation Session where I’ll work with you to select and plan your habits
  • And much more...

 Visualisation Course

Guided audio tracks covering:

  • Visualisation for improved motivation
  • Visualisation for more effective practice
  • Visualisation for better performances (including reduced nerves)
  • Visualisation for more self-confidence
  • Visualisation for breaking through barriers

And if you want to go further and totally OWN this area, then here’s what else you get:

  • Understand the various key components that make visualisation successful (it’s more than just “seeing” things)
  • Understand WHY visualisation is such a powerful tool, and how best to use it alongside “normal” practice
  • Step-by-step exercises that strengthen your visualisation skills – for enhanced results (with guided audio tracks so you can just follow along and do the steps)
  • Save time by practising away from the instrument
  • How visualisation improves technique in a way that physical practice can’t
  • How to use less than 5 minutes of visualisation a day to make a huge impact on your playing
  • Learn how to incorporate visualisation plus physical practice for accelerated results
  • Why you sometimes want to visualise things going wrong (and HOW to do this so it’s helpful)
  • An exclusive live call where you can get all your questions answered
  • And much more...

Memorisation Course

  • How to memorise new repertoire more quickly, easily and effectively
  • The approach that you need to follow in order that things stick in the long-term (rather than disappearing again after a week or so)
  • How to know when you’ve memorised something solidly enough that you can rely on it in performance
  • The 3 “stages” of memory as identified by neuroscience research – and how to train each one (if you miss any one of these then things are likely to go wrong)
  • How to stop memory slips from happening in pieces you think you know well
  • How to approach memorising music so that you can recover from memory slips if they DO occur (paradoxically, knowing this makes memory slips much LESS likely to happen)
  • How to feel confident when performing from memory – especially in front of an audience
  • An exclusive live call where you can get all your questions answered
  • And much more...

Get The Exclusive Black Friday Bundle For Just $99 (Save $300!)